The Joe formerly known as Shockwave for a time shared a dubious honor with the fan favorite Decepticon of the same name. Both were renamed to the much less threatening and apparently less copyright infringing name Shockblast . Doesn’t exactly roll off the tongue, does it?

I’m not too excited about most of the modern versions of classic Joes, but this one has grown on me. Essentially a repaint of the blue version of the original incuded in a 25th anniversary comic pack, it’s a recolor that makes sense for an urban operative. The color scheme is close to the Night Force version as well. The parts choices for the most part get along well, although the arms don’t have the greatest range of motion. That’s a weakness of the base Cobra Trooper, an early 25th mold.

Thanks to that same base figure, as well as the 25th Snow Job, this is one figure that maintains actual human proportions, something even the vintage version lacked, with its melon head.

Weapon selection is paltry. His only rifle is a tactical shotgun, a natural inclusion for a SWAT guy, but a disappointment considering the number of automatic rifle molds available. Shockblast didn’t get short shrift in the headgear department however, as he includes not only the classic cap, but a combat helmet and gas mask as well.

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