Shipwreck (2009)

A few days back I covered a movie based figure that I found lacking compared to older versions, and today it’s a movie based figure that’s one of my favorite recent interpretations of a classic character. I shouldn’t say exactly that this Shipwreck is a movie figure. He appeared in the movie toy line, but wasn’t actually on screen.

This figure borrows more of Shippy’s Devil’s Due and new sculpt era looks than the iconic 80’s sailor outfit. That’s not a bad thing at all to me, as I find something to like about both versions. Shipwreck wears the knit cap that was so prevalent on him in the 2000’s, and it works very well with the movie’s armored shirt look. I wasn’t too fond of the common armor that the movie Joes wore, but in this case I find it more palatable. Maybe I don’t mind the armor because it looks somewhat like a wet suit. The paint wipe still doesn’t do a lot for me. Also, I hadn’t noticed before, but the way the sleeves extend past the wrist is weird. They remind me of the stillsuits from David Lynch’s Dune.

The combined wet suit/land warrior look works well because of the included accessories. Shipwreck has breathing apparatus, a scuba mask and fins. They all fit together well on the figure, and the fins can even plug into the pack. He also comes with Polly, who can handily perch on the backpack as well. Figures that can store all their gear at once always score big favorite points with me.

The rifle, which I don’t recall coming with anyone else in the movie line, looks sufficiently like an aquatic weapon, or at least a Super Soaker, and I’m glad Shipwreck wasn’t just given the old ’83 Torpedo speargun.

Oh, and I should’t forget to mention, Hector is wearing some darn nice pants.


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