Shipwreck (2003)

Spy Troops was a series that held promise with a great concept, but was ultimately wildly uneven in execution. The idea of clip on accessories to transform Joes and Cobras into the opposing force was novel and fun. I enjoy added play value, especially when the feature isn’t molded into the character in such a way that it restricts movement or interferes with the design. Some of the disguises in the series were actually pretty effective. That’s not quite the case here, but I still dig it for the fact that it’s Shipwreck masquerading as Cobra Commander. The GI Joe logo on his thigh is a dead giveaway, but give the guy credit for trying.

This Shipwreck was included with the Conquest of Cobra Mountain playset, parts of which were remolded from the Star Wars Episode II Geonosis battle playset (you can even still see battle droid parts molded in the set’s floor!) The figure mold was part of the previous series, and as such has a strong comic book animated feel. The design is based closer to Shippy’s Devils Due look, and (again) is a look that would be nice to see in a modern interpretation. Without the Cobra Commander disguise, of course.


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