Sgt. Manleh (2009)

The international figures are a source of fascination for many Joe collectors. The mysterious and sometimes weird repaints take something familiar to us American collectors and make it refreshingly new. I didn’t know much about them until I saw them in a publication (a magazine I believe it was called) in the dark days before the internet. Back then, those of us who wished to communicate across long distances had to scrawl our thoughts in quill pen onto parchment and send it via carrier pigeon in hopes that it would reach its intended recipient within a month’s time. Ahh, nostalgia… Anyway, it was Tomart’s Action Figure Digest that provided me with information about the latest toys and the toys of the past, and it was through this magazine that I first heard of Joe figures from other countries.

The 2009 Joecon attendee exclusive  figures were based on some of these international figures, and they were a welcome modern style stand-in for those of us who can’t afford the vintage originals. Sticking with tradition, this figure is a repaint of Stalker, done up in a colorful blue camo. I presume it’s blue to tie into his primary specialty of paratrooper. Although it’s only good camo when he’s dropping from a clear blue sky. Better check the weather report for Buenos Aires before making today’s jump, mi compadre.

The JUMP jet pack is a cool inclusion. Also, using the rocket exhaust/stand  from the Star Wars Boba Fett figures is a great extra. Having the ability to pose the figure in mid-flight is nice. The stand had been used previously by the club for its releases of Starduster and Grand Slam in 2007. I also really like the Argentine Air Force logo on the back of the pack. It’s a great little detail, like the flag on the figure’s sleeve. I wonder why we don’t see more insignias on Joes?

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  • I remember the pre-Internet days and still miss ’em a bit. I used to get my info through Lee’s, Tomart’s, Jim Main’s Collectible Toys & Values, and for purchases, the venerable Toy Shop tabloid. This is the first time I’ve seen this figure and it looks great. LOL at the comment regarding his camo and drops. Maybe he would work out in a marine environment such as the Battle Platform or the FLAGG. I appreciate that the AAF was looked up to keep the figure faithful to its roots. Good stuff.

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