Serpentor (2005 Comic Pack)

Sepentor–love him or hate him, you can’t deny his ability to spark lively conversation among Joe fans. In his various incarnations, be it toy, cartoon or comic, he’s at least unique. My personal opinion of him is based mostly on my first impressions as a kid, particularly as an 80s Marvel Zombie. 

I thought he would personify, at least conceptually, a GI Joe version of a Marvel big baddie like Dr. Doom. Of course, that’s not really what he ended up as, but going purely from his toy packaging, I was excited about the character and his possibilities.

The comic packs aren’t always exacting representations of what was on the four-color printed page back in the 1980s. Despite that, I found the figures to be interesting variations on the originals. 

I would have liked a version of the character in his first comic uniform, a spartan number with cape and cowl and simple fatigue pants with boots. He also brandished a pistol. A very cool look. Alas it was not to be.

Best of all in Serpy’s case here is his new head sculpt and removable cowl. I will admit as a kid I wondered why the old figure didn’t have this feature. The visage underneath is full of personality if not quite a majestic looking as one would expect from a Cobra emperor. He reminds me a bit of Ash from the Evil Dead films. 


  • Not a bad figure at all. There’s an alternate version with green hair out there. It’s just weird enough to be even better.

    • James From Miami

      Thank you very much for that information. I hope that the folks at put that up on their website soon.

  • Little known fact; Serpentor is the guy who invented pizza

    • Dreadnok: Spirit

      I well remember Serpentor recounting that story to Dr. Mindbender and the Dreadnoks. That kind of information needs to be shared all over the internet.

    • No, he (as Julius Caesar) watched someone else invent pizza and told his men to spread the idea around.

  • Ah! Ah! Ah!
    What a weird comic!
    Modern Pizza was born in Naples (my town) between 1700 and 1800(from the fusion of arab, spanish and french dishes) not in the age of ancient Romans!
    No, Serpentor actually not inventet pizza!

  • Dreadnok: Spirit

    The head looks like the Angry Video Game Nerd to me.

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  • The angry face is clearly cartoon inspired, yet the colors aren’t cartoon. It’s an odd release, that’s not in the comic issue in came with.One wonders why the red/rust colored “error” Serpentor from vintage commercials and toon was not made, or the Dic cartoon Serpentor. There’s just so little regard for the character that these versions have never happened and probably won’t.

    That said, I’m not a big fan of the uniform. Cobra had a mix of paramilitary, fantasy and sci-fi. Serpentor is too fantasy. Also it’s too regal and the headdress and cape too delicate for a character that’s shown to be willing to jump into the fray.

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