SDCC Exclusive Kre-O Reveal

Wow, this was a surprise! If you thought Kre-O was dead, you’ve got another think coming, in the form of Slaughter’s Marauders vs Iron Grenadiers at this year’s San Diego Comic Con. I’m not only very surprised, but also very impressed. Hasbro really knows how to pull out all the stops when it comes to the presentation of their SDCC exclusives. This set looks to be one that will please the retro fans as well as the brick fans. I’m digging the references to classic packaging as well as the throwback VHS slipcase look. It will be interesting to see if this set makes it to online sales on Hasbrotoyshop next month.

By the way, if anyone’s going to SDCC this year and wants to help a Joe Bro out, drop me a line. I’d love to work out a hookup for this year’s Joe items. I’m not begging, just asking. 🙂


Here are the particulars:

SDCC 2015 – KRE-O Product Descriptions

(Ages 6 years & up/Approx. Retail Price: $49.99/Available through or Booth #3213 at Comic-Con International in San Diego)
ATTEN-TION! Sgt. Slaughter makes his KREON debut to lead the MARAUDERS into battle against DESTRO and the IRON GRENADIERS in this special edition set! Comes with 12 KREON figures — including BARBECUE, FOOTLOOSE, DARKLON, VOLTAR, and, in another KREON debut, DESTRO in his infamous leopard-print coat. Also includes pieces to build a SGT. SLAUGHTER TRIPLE T tank! This special edition set comes packed in special throwback “boxed set” packaging resembling your favorite ’80s & ’90s VHS cassettes, complete with Sgt. Slaughter and DESTRO file cards and art that re-creates classic G.I. JOE packaging! You’ll have a blast with this set, AND THAT’S AN ORDER! Following the convention, a limited number will be available on


  • But what’s really exciting is that now that there have been Spirit & Barbecue molds made, we will be getting them at RETAIL in original colorways!!

  • Hey, look! Another Destro as a pimp figure. How exciting and edgy!


    • Yeah, they’ve overmilked that PDD, which of course, ALWAYS, has to be an exclusive, no matter what form it takes (aside from the super rare 1997 release it was based on)

  • This totally took me by surprise! I’m a little bummed the Iron Grenadiers are packing in an exclusive, but I’ll be patrolling the Internet for semi-affordable ways to get this set. That Triple T looks like a fun design, too.

  • Those are great sets. Its a pity retailers in my area don’t carry Joe Kre-o stuff

  • Nice Voltar and Junkyhard!

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