Scarlett (1997)

Only three out of the eight figures in the Stars and Stripes set were worth a darn to me. The rest were either ill-advised repaints or Hall of Fame stinkers (looking at you, Breaker). Stalker, Snake Eyes and Scarlett were acceptable remakes. Weird semi translucent plastic skin tone notwithstanding, I like the changed paint scheme here.

Scarlett is more colorful than her first incarnation. The deeper hue of the undersuit provides a greater contrast to the torso, and the black gloves and boots give this figure an extra touch of realism. As with the original, details in the sculpt are my favorite elements of the figure. Again, the contrast is stronger thanks to the color choices, and the small pistol, slingshot and throwing stars stand out even more.

Scarlett (1997) Scarlett (1997) Scarlett (1997) Scarlett (1997)


  • I’m not liking the purple on the arms and upper body, but I really like the attention to detail on the paint job for the ninja stars, pistol, etc. I think those parts were really well done.

  • ”Original Series #1 (1982)Scarlett is the most memorable.1997 Scarlett would take 2nd place.”

  • I wonder if the confused Breaker figure is a result of mould degradation or something?

  • Bad face paint job.

  • This figure got me to appreciate the V1 Scarlett mold. I like that they tried something different for Scarlett. Seeing as how they had black base Snake Eyes in the 3 pack, it would have been nice to see them try a slightly different scheme for the 8 pack SE. The Stalker is one of my favorite repaints, ever. But, this set does have some stinkers, too. Had I not found it as a surprise in 1997 and been so excited by finding new Joes, I doubt I’d have bought it later.

  • The pasty skin is weird but tolerable. It’s the Cobra-esque purple that turns me off of this figure. And the orange, too. It’s kinda “comic pack” looking. Had one of the colors been more mellow (grey instead of purple, maybe), this figure could’ve been something. Instead, it makes the Toy Fare version look better in comparison.

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