Salute to Facial Hair: Day Three

We’re going back to the 70s tonight, a time of…interesting grooming habits.

In this entry, there’s no Joe fuzz to be found, only paint. Now this is how you do a beard on the cheap. Remember those infomercials from the 90s that peddled spray-on hair for guys who were balding? It comes to my mind when I see this figure’s faux facial follicles. The Intruders Commander continued the 70s GI Joe tradition of bearded officers. If the Adventure Team’s commander sported one, why not the leader of the enemy space cavemen? Hasbro found an inexpensive way of re-purposing an existing toy with a bit of paint and a recolored armored tunic singlet.

Actually, in terms of a paint app, the beard is pretty crisp, considering that you can make out the patterns of individual whiskers. And all this with no pesky sculpting needed.

Intruder Commander (1976)


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