Roadblock (2003)

I still find that the relaunch era of GI Joe has quite a few figures with a certain degree of charm. As each new assortment of figures were released, I awaited my favorites to be released in the new format. The same thing still happens in the current era, and so it’s funny to think back ten years ago to when I pined for my 82-87 faves to make it back to toy shelves. While Heavy Duty was the first heavy weapons specialist to make the revitalized line, Roadblock was not far behind.

Roadblock, as I’ve mentioned before, was one of the 80s figures that I had wanted to see improved. After 1984, his build seemed too small, and his head was shaped…strangely. In 1986, a new version addressed those concerns, but changed up the subdued uniform quite a bit in favor of brighter white and grey. Fast forward to 2003, and the team’s heavy machine gunner was updated in a style that suggested the original figure, but brought it into the modern age.

Roadblock has had several hallmark elements over the years. Obviously, the bald head and bare arms are the most recognizable. This time, his arms are festooned with new accessories in the form of bicep ammo belts and stylish wrist wraps. I wonder if the wraps are an homage to the kerchiefs around the boots of the 1992 version. I also haven’t seen a Joe accessorize with ammunition since 1990, when Salvo wrapped .30 cal belts around his legs. Finally, Roadblock’s old simple camo vest has given way to a new padded version with straps. While it’s not a direct stylistic pull from 1984, there’s no mistaking who this figure is.

Roadblock has upgraded his main gun from the ma deuce to a full-on minigun. This is a pretty awesome weapon. It looks mightily destructive, and is the sort of armament that only a Joe of the stature of Roadblock could carry off–literally.

Being a Spy Troops figure, Roadblock came equipped with a disguise to blend in and infiltrate the Cobra lines. While other Joes were given elaborate multi-piece snap-on armor, boots, helmets and the like, Roadblock received a simple cloth ghillie suit. Maybe the GI Joe disguise depot doesn’t carry Cobra CLAWS outfits in its big and tall section.


  • I actually like the spytroops era stuff more than the 25th-30th stuff as the figures can stand up and hold their weapons

  • I got this figure in a lot of 10 random ones that I ordered from a Hong Kong seller via I ended up using black paint to accentuate some of the details on the figure, mainly the kneepads, the edges of his holster, the star on his buckle, and the bands around the bullets. Through some trades, I was able to get his ghillie suit and minigun.

    Where did you get the pistol for him? I got the same one from an extra 25th Scarlett I had–fits nicely in the holster. I also gave him the helmet from an extra 25th Duke as well, which also fits great and stays on. I don’t care how most people display Roadblock, I believe in safety first!

  • This was one of the better attempts at homaging vintage looks during the new sculpt era. It’s also a rare exemption where the wide shoulders actually help the character. Roadblock should tower in size over the other Joes, certainly more so than the lackluster ’84 original ever did. He still needs his ma deuce, though. Roadblock just isn’t the same without it.

  • This figure suffers from the torso leaning forward from either too tight o-ring or not seating properly in the waist piece. He also has really really tiny feet.

  • Great looking figure, really. Good head sculpt, and I really like the quilting-pattern on the padded vest. Like the look of the minigun, too. Good colors. Nice working holster for his sidearm.
    I think this Roadblock, like the Snake Eyes from 2005 and a few others from the era, is a solid figure for it’s time but also a good indicator of what was to come–about 10 years later and we’ve gotten a whole run of figures with all their best elements practically perfected, and then some!

  • Someone else tried the 10 random figure thing, too? I did that twice. I got around 30% ARAH molds and 70% “new sculpts”. Rarest figure I got was the Battle Blitz repaint Grunt (no helmet, of course).

  • Nice figure and cool weapon!

  • @Bravo
    Which figures have you gotten out of that?

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