Road Pig (1991)

Wow, looks like someone spent a little to much time in the Dreadnoks’ tanning bed. I haven’t seen such an inhuman pallor since the talking General Hawk or Jersey Shore. Now that I think of it, Hawk was from the same sub-line as Road Pig here. What was going on in the Hasbro factory? Was the color mixer asleep at the wheel, or was this the real look they were going for? Either way, it makes for a weird combo with the neon orange accessories.

Regardless of the colors, I still love the accessories. The shoulder pads are very Road Warrior (the movie, not the wrestlers). The new double-barreled machine gun is a perfect weapon for a brute like Road Pig. I do regret the fact that we didn’t get the cinder-block-on-a-stick in neon orange.

The face sculpt has a lot of character, although it looks so babyfaced that he never struck me as menacing as his file card makes him out to be. To me, he looks like a cross between Gary Coleman and Lou Ferrigno with George Hamilton’s tan. I think that Dr. Mindbender was so excited with the success of creating Serpentor that he got really drunk one night and combined the DNA from 70’s icons to try to create the ultimate Dreadnok.


  • I wish the BBTS 7-pack modern ‘Pig came with a new sculpt of that doublebarrel crazy super death dealing machine gun.

  • Someone at Hasbro was clearly thinking of George Hamilton when they released the talking Hawk. With him it works if you think of the guy as a celebrity-based character. Road Pig’s second version invokes something more closely related to Tang. Still, they used this paint scheme for Road Pig’s appearances in the DIC cartoon. Yikes.

  • “DNA from 70s icons”. that made me laugh heartily!

    I think the neon green cod-piece is what really sells this version.

  • The only Dreadnok to be recolored in the vintage domestic US run. Why him?

    The figure’s neon look and gimmicky sound/light pack epitomize how bad things got in the early 90’s, yet still there’s something fun about this goofball.

  • Jonah Hardenbrook

    Excellent mold and cool character, but stick to the original. This version was such a let down with the wierd color change to the skin and the bright orange weapons. I have no idea why Hasbro changed the skin color, but I hope someone lost their job over it.

  • That double-barreled machine gun is killer! I don’t really want that figure, but I need one of those guns!

  • Dreadnok: Spirit

    Sure, the colors don’t make much sense, but I think it works for Road Pig. This is one of my favorites. I always thought his face looked kinda like Dino Bravo.

  • Dreadnok: Spirit

    And while on the subject of Road Pig’s resemblences, I always thought the original 1988 figure’s card art looked an awful lot like Don Muraco.

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