Recondo (2010)

Poor Pursuit of Cobra Recondo. Forever stuck staring at his boots. Well, at least he has a nifty mask to hide the shamed look on his face. By the way, what the heck is that thing, a disguise or an artifact he’s picked up during his missions? Whatever the case, it gives the figure an Adventure Team vibe. Say, wasn’t the Sigma 6 Recondo actually part of a short-lived modern iteration of the Joes’ civilian 70s adventures?

Like many other Pursuit of Cobra Joes, Recondo is loaded with gear specific to his specialty. A wrapped rifle, though a different model, ties into the old figure, as does his boonie hat. There is a bald head underneath, a choice that shows yet another Predator homage, this time to Jesse Ventura’s Blain. After all, the old Recondo was not as bulked up as this guy.

Back to the accessories, he’s equipped with two rifles, two axes which store on his vest (always a bonus with me), and a solar powered survival pack with two foothold snare traps. Ouch. I’d hate to be the Cobra that steps into one of those. Pretty gruesome stuff for the good guys to employ, I think. I wonder what Ambush would think of Recondo’s methods? On the playability side of things, the backpack has a nice little retracting line feature. I was so pleased to see this sort of well-integrated play feature in the line, especially after the horrendously huge missile launchers of the Rise of Cobra.

A final note on playability: the funky neck post really takes away from it with this figure. Heck, even standing still he looks strange. I had to shoot at an extremely low angle just to get a good shot of his face. Maybe someday I’ll perform a little neck surgery and get him to a place where he can finally stand on a shelf with his head held high.


  • Dreadnok: Spirit

    He kinda looks more like a poacher to me. Maybe Gnawgahyde needs a friend.

  • Dreadnok: Spirit

    On the subject of Jesse Ventura and G.I. Joe, I always thought the Battle Corps versions of Gung Ho looked a lot like Jesse.

  • This is one of the only POC items I have. I couldn’t get any more because the retail price was just ludicrous. Along with him are two Alley-Vipers I traded for and a Wolf Hound I bought at a Tuesday Morning for a cheaper price.

    If only Hasbro had seen that neck mistake before finalizing him….

  • Maybe Recondo is trying to spit some tobacco juice on somebody’s boot (“That’s a nasty habit you got there.”).

    Seriously, it’s a shame the neck is at an angle where the head can’t look straight forward. Praise the Lord that the mold got retooled for the ‘Retaliation’ Joe Colton figure.

  • What is the purpose of that mask? Is he cosplaying as smokey the bear?
    “You pressed “you”, refering to me. The correct issue is “You””

  • Was Ventura bald in Predator? I could swear he wasn’t. Haven’t watched it recently to tell.

    I know the 25th Recondo has his own issues but I’m fine with him. I’d only get this guy to use as Blain in an alternate Earth scenario where Dutch’s squad survives their ordeal and eventually meet up with the Joes, although this dude does look more like Gnawgahyde’s long lost brother.

  • @Clutch
    I couldnt find my copy of Predator so i watched a short Youtube video. Ventura was only bald on the top. And by Ventura i mean the guy from Predator with that humongos gun [not the Pet Detective]. I somehow get the feeling Ace Ventura and Jesse Ventura wouldnt get along due to Jim Carriey’s recent music video. And to add further confusion into the mix my real name is Jesse.

  • Great action figure of Jesse Ventura!
    “Maybe Recondo is trying to spit some tobacco juice on somebody’s boot”…I totally agree!


  • The Cobra trooper that uses the Shock Viper torso has a similar neck issue, maybe not as a bad, but still it’s annoying.

  • This is another example of the very cool reimagining of characters during the 30th/PoC days. It’s got enough cues to remind you of ’84 Recondo without looking like a 30 year old design. Had this figure’s neck/head been perfect, with all that gear, he probably would’ve been regarded as one of the best.

  • This figure will make you a G*ddamn sexual tyrannosaurus…just like me.

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