Ralph “Steeler” Pulaski (2008)

I could say that time has not been kind to some of the 25th anniversary figures, but plenty of these guys looked pretty darned goofy when they first hit the pegs. Funky arms and a pin head (and matching pin head helmet) sink this figure into the disappointment category. At least he was included with some sort of tank, albeit small.

Steeler was one of the most interesting of the original 1982 drivers. With a unique torso and visor, as well as some strange gold paint accents, he stood out among the team. He spent most of his time manning the MOBAT cupola within my Joe forces, although I often gave an accessory pack version of his visor to others. It was just too cool to waste!

There’s no such visor with this Steeler, and not even a pseudo-visor like the desert version wore. Since the part is such a visible part of the character’s identity, the absence of it is highly disappointing. On a positive note, he’s sporting the shoulder holster web gear. If only they had thought to throw some gold accents in somewhere.


  • That’s a pretty lackluster figure. I would’ve thought someone at Hasbro who was a Steeler fan might’ve put some effort into him. But the 25th line got a little stale before it got better.

  • Yes, it was bad figure from day one. The slit wrist Duke forearms alone make it a bad figure. The web gear is not making the case for such details being separate pieces.

  • Was this from the super clearanced Target battle in a box set? I bought one for a buddy for $12. They dropped even lower at my local store as they just couldn’t get rid of them. I kind of wish I’d bought a couple to stash. But, they took up a lot of space for that purpose alone.

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