Radioactive Snake Eyes (2008 DVD Battle Pack)

Whoa! What’s going on here? Is this another Funskool figure? No, its Snake Eyes’ irradiated version from the MASS device mini-series DVD pack. In the first GI Joe cartoon mini-series, the Joes were searching for catalytic elements to power their own version of Cobra’s transportation device. One of the elements was highly radioactive. Snake Eyes made an apparent sacrifice to save his fellow Joes when radioactivity began to spread in a cave they were searching.

Molding the figure in translucent orange and painting over it was a decent solution to the issue of representing a radioactive character. Also present is Timber, his trusty wolf sidekick, who makes his first cartoon appearance in this mini-series. Snake Eyes’ left hand has been remolded to allow him to cradle the included radioactive canister. It’s a pretty crazy variant, and it would have been nice if  Hasbro had simply made a normal, Sunbow cartoon accurate Snake Eyes.

In fact, I think I’d rather have had a figure of the old blind dude with the awesome electric polar bear prod who found Snakes passed out in the snow. The old man cured Snake Eyes of his radiation sickness using his homespun remedy of  “a simple dressing of leaves and herbs” to draw out the radioactive contamination. Guess he came across a lot of radiation sickness victims out in the wilderness.

Snake Eyes naturally made a rapid recovery and went on his way. Ridiculous? Unbelievable? Of course. This is the Sunbow cartoon, after all. Even before his days as a super awesome ninja, Snake Eyes was an unstoppable force.


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