Quick Kick (2013 Kre-O)

Is it too soon to cover one of these again? I don’t care, because I’m too fascinated by them. Sorry folks. I’m sure the feeling will pass eventually and I’ll be back to the usual mix of the ridiculous and the sublime in a more familiar scale. For now though, it’s Yo Kre-O!

Quick Kick distills the essence of both the vintage figure and cartoon versions, from the headband and smirk, to the painted bare feet. I guess he can still traipse around barefoot in the Kreon arctic. There’s a sword, nunchaku and three shuriken as well, and the sword can store in his backpack. More importantly to me, he’s also equipped with a Frozen Fudgee Bar, probably the coolest nod to the Sunbow toon that I’ve seen in a GI Joe figure since Radioactive Snake Eyes




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