Planet Comicon 2013

I was fortunate to attend, (just one day after this year’s JoeCon) the local comic convention, Planet Comicon. This is the first year in a much larger venue, and the entire show has been appropriately scaled up. There were creators and media guests galore, including a GI Joe connection in the movie Snake Eyes himself, Ray Park. Mr. Park was incredibly nice, spending several minutes talking with each fan who was getting an autograph, and even taking photos with attendees.

There were quite a few toy dealers, and even a few Joe items to be had. I picked up a couple of items that I had been looking for. All in all, it was a great experience, and quite and impressive showing, both in terms of the media and creator guests, as well as attendance.

I also ran into a few local GI Joe cosplayers at the show, and one was a personal old favorite of mine, Flash! I’ve featured the group in a video from a previous convention, which you can see here. The entire show, from the guests and dealer floor, to the panels and costuming events, was quite an event. Here’s hoping it continues to get bigger and better. To check out news on the next event, go to


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