Photo Feature: Grass Patrol

Will and I spent a little time in the JAD bunker this afternoon, and I dug out the Night Attack Chopper. He immediately wanted to take it upstairs and shoot at some Cobras with the gatling missiles. A fun time was had blowing away new sculpt Vipers, to be sure. We then decided to take a walk, but Will wanted to play with some figures in the front yard. What better opportunity to get some outdoor pics. I haven’t done this for years, a fact Will reminded me about–the last time I did this, he was probably three years old, and it was the dead of winter. Enjoy some random Joes basking in the nice weather. Hopefully I’ll get some shots of the chopper soon, if Will lets me borrow it.

And yeah, I need to cut my grass.

image image_001 image_002


  • Dreadnok: Spirit

    This would be a perfect situation for Pathfinder and Recondo. Also, Grass Patrol sounds like a subdivision of the DEF.

  • Nope, keep that grass and soil healthy, mow high and take smaller amounts off the top at a time so the clippings can eventually return nitrogen back to the soil. (reduce the cost financially and chemically: safer and more money for toys)
    Also, I recommend a mower blade sharpening, there is some minor grass tearing happening.

    Looks like a fun time here, I sometimes wish I had kept my “newsculpt” figures as this is what they would be in my yard outside here as well. Hindsight. Same with the Night Attack Chopper, I really should have kept that one.

  • Yeah dude grass patrol mannnnnn. That’s like weed squad mannnnnn. Know what I’m saying mannn? Know what I’m saying? No, I don’t know what you’re saying.

    • “I’ll make you a deal: you end one more sentence with the word ‘Man,’ and I get to remove one bone, of my choosing, from your body.”
      –Max, in “The Adventures of Sam and Max: Freelance Police” episode ‘We Drop at Dawn’, laden with spoofs of “Apocalypse Now”.

  • That grass seems like it’s the perfect height for playing with Joes. I’d follow Scott’s advice myself.

  • I loved this time of year in the Midwest. Not too hot and still some rain. I miss May and October the most.

    It’s great to get some quality time out in the yard with the kids.

  • ”With Grass Patrol on the prowl,they better have some Tank Support,in case neighborhood cats /dogs, come to investigate these action figures in action.”

  • James From Miami

    I remember liking, and disliking some of these early 2000’s figures. But I was going nuts trying to collect as many of the classic o-ring repaints that were sold mostly as Toys R Us exclusive. I wasn’t able to collect all of them, though. And as awful as some of those early 2000’s figures were, after seen how weird the design of these new 25th Anniversary style figures is, and how they look so anorexic, I now look back at those old weird figures in a different way. I don’t know if it is nostalgia, but I do know I prefer them over these new ones. And even though I never liked these Joes having their G.I. Joe logo printed on their legs, at least I like the fact that these figures are compatible in scale with the classic ones. And Duke’s right arm is in the wrong way.

  • That’s what it’s all about – nice story 🙂

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