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    Have a Barbecue with Barbecue

    It’s Independence Day here in the US, and summer is in full effect. That also means cookouts. I made some vegan-friendly quinoa burgers alongside the usual American red meat. I’m

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  • wb

    25th Anniversary Wild Bill

    By KansasBrawler When it came to choosing figures to get the 25th Anniversary treatment, Wild Bill was really a no-brainer. He was always pretty popular because he came with the

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  • TX

    Proto Crimson Twins

    I’ve been fascinated for a while with the yearly Toy Fair catalogs that were common in the days before the internet. Paging through them is akin to a trip back

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  • ob

    The Power of Packaging: Outback

    Outback is to me one of the most compelling figures of 1987, the year in which I stopped collecting GI Joes. Other interests began to grab my attention, and toys

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  • KTDv

    Video Review: Kre-O Terrordrome Part 2

    It’s been a while, but we’ve finally finished our look at the Kre-O Terrordrome released last year. Will and I put together the base and top this time, and we

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  • tv

    Photo Feature: Toxo-Vipers

    By Jason Royalty Joe fan Jason returns with another impressive series of dio shots. This time he’s incorporated practical effects. I’m digging the smoke. Great stuff, Jason!  

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  • shse

    Sky Hawk and Arctic Snake Eyes

    By KansasBrawler I’ve always had a weird affinity for the Skyhawk. It’s a neat Joe vehicle and I’ve always thought it was a little more iconic in the cartoon that

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  • sskr

    SDCC Exclusive Kre-O Reveal

    Wow, this was a surprise! If you thought Kre-O was dead, you’ve got another think coming, in the form of Slaughter’s Marauders vs Iron Grenadiers at this year’s San Diego

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  • takara

    The Power of Packaging: Takara Cardback

    The Takara GI Joes of the 80s have always fascinated me, mostly because of the strikingly different package design. The explosion concept was changed into something a little more slick

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  • c_duke

    That’s How I Found It: Chinese Duke

    We’re on a roll with the new That’s How I Found It (THIFI for short) video feature, showcasing items just as I’ve found them. This time, I’m looking at the

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  • BT

    Blowtorch (2014)

    The 50th Anniversary GI Joe offerings were, taken as a whole, a mixed bag for me. Along with cool previously unreleased figures such as Flint and the Ice Viper and

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  • fl

    Father’s Day Flashback

    See what I did there? Anyway, today’s thoughts about Father’s Day take me back to the first carded GI Joe figure that I got back in the 80s. My Dad

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  • colton

    Hot Toys Joe Colton (2013)

    By YT Like most 1/6 scale fans, I was stoked when news of a Hot Toys Joe Colton broke.  A licensed Bruce Willis had never been produced in the scale

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  • sd

    Jungle Assault Skydive

    By KansasBrawler Sometimes an action figure really just captures your imagination. I don’t know why, but I’ve always really loved jetpacks, and the crazier-looking the better. At Joe Con in

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  • GM

    The Power of Packaging: Geyperman Aventurero

    I find the sweater wearing Action Man and Geyperman adventurers to be quite groovy. What’s even better? The packaging. Boss.

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  • book

    Audio Interview: Kindle Worlds GI Joe Author Jim Beard

    I’m back from vacation, and I’ve got a special feature. I spent some time interviewing Jim Beard, author of a Kindle Worlds GI Joe novella based in the Adventure Team

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    Joe A Day T-Shirts

    It’s been a few months in the making, and now the Joe A Day T-Shirts are here! If you’d like to wear a little bit of the blog on your

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