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    Animated SHARCs

    Continuing from yesterday’s post about the SHARC box art, we present a comparison of the proto-SHARC from the MASS Device mini-series and the more on-model version seen in later episodes

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     SHARC Art

    The SHARC was one of my childhood favorites, due in no small part to the fact that it was a water vehicle. Between the SHARC and Water Mocassin, I was

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    Revenge of the Spy Shark

    Following up with yesterday’s post, I thought I’d just go whole hog with the Shark Week concept for this week. Just when you thought it was safe to go back

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    Eels Redux

    Things are a mite busy here at the JAD HQ (hence the missed post yesterday). Nothing super heavy is going on, just everyday life being what it is. Tonight we’ll

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    Clutch and VAMP (25th Anniversary)

    By KansasBrawler In my opinion, it’s hard to find a Joe vehicle more iconic than the original VAMP. While there may have been larger Joe vehicles, the VAMP started it

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  • Scarlett

    The Power of Packaging: 1982 Scarlett

    In previous editions of TPOP, I’ve talked about my childhood experiences with GI Joe as it relates to card art. Looking at the packaging again through adult eyes brings back

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  • avac

    A.V.A.C. (2008)

    I always wondered just what the acronym AVAC stood for. I didn’t notice anything referring to its meaning until the release of this figure in the first lineup of 25th

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  • aar4

    2016 JoeCon After Action Report: Day 3 Photos

    By KansasBrawler Greetings Joe Fans– The photos from Day 3 are here, but there a couple photos that I didn’t mention in the After Action Report. I spent some time

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  • aar3

    2016 JoeCon After Action Report: Day 3

    By KansasBrawler Greetings Joe Fans– Before I get into the nitty gritty of Day 3, just a slight programming note. Digital cameras are wonderful things, however the batteries conked out

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  • aar2

    2016 JoeCon After Action Report: Day 2

    By KansasBrawler Greetings again, Joe fans– Following Day One, my brother and I spent time back in our hotel room inspecting our figures. My box set was all in one

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  • aar1

    JoeCon After Action Report: Day 1

    By KansasBrawler As you all know, Joe Con kicked off on Thursday. After a five hour drive from SD to Colorado, my brother and I touched down in Loveland. Joe

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  • gm

    Peril in Paradise General Mayhem

    By KansasBrawler Once again, I saved my favorite figure from a con set for last. Considering how much I loved the original General Mayhem figure, it should be no surprise

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    The Power of Packaging: 1982 Snake Eyes

    I have a pretty vivid memory of picking up my first Snake Eyes figure. I came into the GI Joe line sometime in 1983, and had already found a few

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    Baroness (2004)

    During the new sculpt and 25th anniversary eras of GI Joe, it took Hasbro two tries to get a nice Baroness on the pegs. The 2002 relaunch version netted us

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    Vivre l’aventure!

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    Cobra CLAWS Commander (2003)

    When I started this blog nearly five years ago, much of the motivation for doing it centered on reconnecting with my collection. As I dove into the myriad figures I

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  • dinohunters01

    Dino Hunters Art

    I’m just going to leave this here without much commentary. I think the set and its art speaks for itself. I will say however, that this is the kind of

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  • Big Brawler 01

    Peril in Paradise Tiger Force Big Brawler

    By KansasBrawler Judging by my handle in the online Joe collecting community, I’m guessing my feelings about Big Brawler being used in the Peril in Paradise con set are going

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    Sgt. Slaughter (2006)

    Love him or hate him, there’s no escaping Sgt. Slaughter if you’re a small scale GI Joe collector. Granted, his appearances haven’t been as numerous since his 80s heyday. Heck,

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  • jb

    Video Review: Joe Bricks with Will

    Will and I bust out a video review for the first time in a long time. It started out as a usual trip to the JAD HQ for a little

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