Operation: Sand Sting (Adventures of GI Joe 2010)


I’ve said this many times: I admire figures that can store their equipment on their person.  There’s something impressive and realistic about a character schlepping his gear around. It shows just a little more attention to detail on the part of the toy maker, and I’m always appreciative of the More >


Tiger Claw (2005)


Just how many apprentices has Snake Eyes had over the years? The guy’s had more students than Prince has had girlfriend/proteges. Seems Snakes has been picking up students throughout his time as a Joe. If he were a shrewd businessman,he could have sold his secluded cabin in the High Sierrras, More >


Low Light (2008)


Low Light was a part of the 2008 convention exclusive attendee figures, and came in a three pack that also included Shockblast (AKA Shockwave) and Long Arm. Like the other figures in the set, he’s outfitted in a color scheme much different from his original classic version.

The story line of that More >


Flag Points Episode 33


Flag Points episode 33 is up for your listening pleasure. Dan Uthman joins us to talk about his new project, an ambitious and very cool GI Joe map that can be found at Also on the show, I debut a segment called Knock It Off, in which I begin to cover the many GI Joe knock-offs More >


Conrad “Duke” Hauser (2009 City Strike)


Remember the scene in Rise of Cobra when Duke climbed the sheer face of a glass skyscraper with a giant yellow suction up, shot through the plate glass window and attacked a squad of Neo-Vipers with his samurai sword, all while wearing fabulous Jackson Pollock camo pants? No? Maybe I remembered More >


Tiger Force Blizzard (1991)


The domestic release of Blizzard is another figure that I pined for back in the days of my return to Joe collecting. He was another snow trooper, a speciality that always did (and still does) spark my interest. Much like other figures of the years I missed, he was also packed with an abundance of More >


New Field Report: Machine Gun Defense Unit by KansasBrawler


A new Field Report is up! KansasBrawler returns with another battlefield accessory. This time, it’s the Machine Gun Defense Unit. Check it out!


Cobra Slice (2002)


Since 1984, there have been ninjas of some sort in GI Joe. I suppose they’ll always be a part of whatever the current line is doing, regardless of focus or scale. Sgt. Savage is the only post-80′s small scale Joe line I can think of that didn’t have a ninja or at least a figure with ninja like More >


Lightning Mobutu (1988 CORPS!)


While Lanard’s Corps line borrowed elements from GI Joe, the company has also produced a share of figures that, while odd, are their own unique creations. Witness other lines like the STAR Force sub-line’s crazily inventive Space Cowboys or the heavily sought after Bio-Wing fighters. The main More >


Iceberg (1986)


Iceberg was the opposite of Snow Job, accessory-wise. Where the Joe team’s first arctic trooper came equipped with snow traveling gear, Iceberg has nothing. Not even a pair of snow shoes.

He did get a rifle, and a handily colored white one at that. I’ve often wondered why Snow Job didn’t get a More >

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