• rsp

    Ralph “Steeler” Pulaski (2015)

    It’s time to move on to the biggest set of this year’s San Diego Comic Con exclusives, and the one I was most excited to get. With a green Joe-themed

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  • cs

    The Power of Packaging: Crimson Strike

    Kicking off another 2015 exclusive, it’s the San Diego Comic Con Hasbrotoyshop Crimson Strike set. For the first time, I was able to pick up one of the large sets

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  • eels

    Photo Feature: Cobras on the Water

    By Jason Royalty Jason is back yet again with another gloriously vintage photo shoot. It’s time to get in the water with Cobra’s aquatic forces. Amazing stuff, as always.

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  • kr

    Kre-O Alpine and Night Viper

    By KansasBrawler This is another one of those Kre-O pairings that doesn’t quite make sense, but they’re who’s left so I guess they go together. If I want to force

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  • os

    Firefly (2015)

    Light grey on dark grey: is this an intentional reverse colors 1984 Firefly? Actually, that’s a pretty cool concept. It’s certainly a more useful alternate color scheme for the character

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  • bz

    Bazooka (2015)

    How many times do we need to see Bazooka, considering he’s always seemingly based on a 1980s figure design? Actually, I take that back, as he did get a re-design

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  • sd

    Specialist Dusty (2015)

    When I first saw press photos of the 50th anniversary’s Sneak Attack set earlier this year, I thought oh wow, Hasbro is totally ripping off NECA’s 8-bit video game paint

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  • zart

    Zartan (2015)

    From the Vanishing Act set, it’s the subject of the vanishing himself. Pursued by Hit & Run and Torpedo, the master of disguise makes for the swamp, his home turf.

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  • torp

    Torpedo (2015)

    The coverage of 2015 product continues as we focus on the second figure in the Vanishing Act set, Torpedo. When I first saw the figure was going to appear in

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  • hr

    Hit & Run (2015)

    Its time to get back to coverage of 2015’s exclusive sets, and over the next few days we’ll be looking at the Toys R Us multi-packs. Up first is the

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  • sm

    Speed Metal

    By KansasBrawler It’s no secret that I love when the Joe brand creates new characters. Add in the fact that the new character in the Rise of Cobra Senior Ranking

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  • os

    Photo Feature: Old School

    By Jason Royalty Jason’s back, and he’s taken some of the early 80s Joes, Cobras and MOBAT out for a photo shoot. Click through the gallery, and also look for

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  • tt

    Triple ‘T’ (2015 Kre-O)

    I initially thought the vehicle in the Construction Commandos exclusive set was going to be an afterthought. Having bought all of the regular release Kre-O sets and vehicles, I figured

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  • pdd

    Iron Grenadiers (2015 Kre-O)

    Continuing with coverage of the SDCC exclusive Construction Commandos set, we’ve got the villainous side today. Destro and his Iron Grenadiers are ready to take on the Marauders in brick

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  • sm

    Slaughter’s Marauders (2015 Kre-O)

    The original Slaughter’s Marauders figures are an interesting set as far as the later GI Joe Real American Hero offerings go. Composed solely of repainted older figures, one can see

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  • sskreo

    The Power of Packaging: Construction Commandos (2015)

    Now this is what the Power of Packaging feature is all about. The San Diego Comic Con exclusive GI Joe Kre-O set came as a surprise this year, considering that

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  • foe

    FOE Striker (2015)

    The AWE Striker is a vehicle mold that’s been used time and time again since its first release. The off-road ride has done duty in many a GI Joe series,

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  • rb

    Roadblock (25th Anniversary)

    By KansasBrawler I’ll be the first to admit that some of those early 25th Anniversary figures were pretty rough. I’ve been forgiving of some of them, but a lot of

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  • bsl

    Cobra Basilisk (2015)

    When I first saw press photos of the Desert Duel set, I was concerned that another Snow Cat remold was on the horizon. It also dredged up memories of the

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  • eh

    Elite Horseman (2015)

    We’re down to the final figure in the Desert Duel set, and we saved the best for last. Okay, maybe not. However, I do find myself being more impressed with

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