• knf

    Ninja Flames Kamakura (2007 Sigma 6)

    Who’d have thought that Kamakura, Snake Eyes’ green garbed apprentice would show up wearing electric blue? But that’s what you get with Sigma 6; it zigs just when you think

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  • 135

    Captivating Cover: GI Joe 135

    Oh boy. The 90s hit us hard with this one. It’s a comic fad trifecta here. Popular character takes the spotlight of team book: check. Multiple squinting and yelling characters:

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  • sik

    Spirit Iron-Knife (2005 Sigma 6)

    I’ve said this before, but I think it bears repeating as many times as possible: the Sigma 6 years of GI Joe get undeserved short shrift. The common excuse for

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  • dri

    Doctor Isotope (2015)

    For the last several years, the collectors club has been peppering their exclusive twelve inch figure releases with.a sort of expanded universe of Adventure Team era characters. I’ve found the

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  • GIJoe-002

    Codename: GI Joe

    Here’s a coloring page from early on in the 80s run of GI Joe. I love this sort of first and second year product, when things weren’t quite a shaped

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  • general

    The General and Major Storm

    By KansasBrawler During my Joe Con coverage, I mentioned that the loose, complete figures I picked up all had something in common. Major Storm should have been a hint, but

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  • hear

    Hear This! Read This!

    Ya gotta love the days of comic book ads. Heck, ya gotta love the days of comic books–well, when they were made for kids. But enough of me being a

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  • fb

    Iceberg (1997)

    I initially had a bit of trouble deciding which of the 1997 figure multi-packs to pick up. Having seen preliminary photos in Tomarts and Previews, I was excited to have

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  • FS-Rock-N-Roll

    The Power of (International) Packaging: Funskool Rock ‘N Roll

    Sometimes the gang over at Funskool surprises us with wild new art modified or inspired by the original domestic designs, and sometimes they stick with the originals. In the case

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  • Thunder Machine (1986)

    Dreadnok Thunder Machine (1986)

    If you hadn’t made the connection between the designs of Mad Max and the Dreadnok concept in its first year of release, you sure couldn’t escape the comparison by ’86.

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  • Connect-the-Dots-2

    Connect the Dots!

    What better way to spend your Saturday night than doing a 90s GI Joe connect the dots? You’re welcome!

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  • fsv

    Super Cop Rescue Squad Jeep

    Super Cop! For action figure criminals, his very name strikes fear in their hearts! For life-size collectors, the very mention of his name strikes fear that a thumb or crotch

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  • default-image

    Slaughter’s Marauders Falcon

    By KansasBrawler Falcon is one of the characters that I have a lot of fond memories of thanks to the G.I. Joe movie. He’s also a guy that gets a

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  • apa

    Action Pilot Astronaut (1994)

    In 1994, I was so excited to be a GI Joe collector. Everything seemed to be perfect from the standpoint of collecting both current and older toys. In my area,

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  • Operation-Disappearance

    Operation Disappearance Art

    From one of the “Marvel Mighty” storybooks of the 80s comes this beautiful Earl Norem painted cover. Fortunately, the back of the book featured the clean art without the titles.

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  • sm

    The Power of Packaging: Atomic Man Secret Mountain Outpost

    Every good action figure line needs an HQ of sorts. Whether it’s a full-on base of operations a la the 1970s and 1980s GI Joe Headquarters, or smaller themed playsets,

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  • wp-1470721390983.jpeg

    Ice Ranger Bio

    I’m having a great time with these American Defense bios. They’re just as insane as the figure designs. Ice Ranger continues many of the themes we saw with Yeti. Very—cool.

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  • zt

    Zartan (1984)

    I don’t have too many GI Joe toy memories that stand out as much as my first experience with the Zartan figure. The story is as vivid in my mind

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  • Catalog Page

    Catalog Page: Super Adventure Team with Big Jim!

    The Adventure Team morphed into the The realm of super heros when folks like Eagle Eye Joe and Bullet Man joined up. The caveman-like Intruders made up Joe’s first real

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  • mr

    FSS 3.0 Muskrat

    By KansasBrawler FSS 3.0 Muskrat is kind of a big deal for me since he’s about the only member of the lineup I wasn’t exposed to as a kid. Yes,

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