Rock ‘N Roll (1991)


I’ve been flying my freak flag when it comes to the 90′s GI Joe toys since, well, the 90′s. It was the era in which I dove back into collecting, so the time still holds a certain fascination for me. I particularly remember the early 90′s toy treasure trove that was the Half Price Store. The GI Joe More >


New Field Report: Steel with WaveRunner by twitziller


Twitziller returns with another True Heroes Field Report. It’s Steel with Waverunner. Hey, they’re adding code names to this line. Nice. Check it out right here, complete with gratuitous Retaliation three-pack Firefly.


Firefly (2013)


Firefly is one of those classic figures whose original look was never done justice in the modern lines. The 25th anniversary versions had issues with the chest harness, and changed up the main weapon. The Pursuit of Cobra Firefly, while an interesting new take and a very detailed figure, obviously More >


Red Wolf (1984 Action Force)


It’s been a long while since I covered a figure from Action Force,¬† the UK’s sort-of cousin of GI Joe. The initial years of that line shared a construction style similar to Kenner’s vintage Star Wars line. Five points of articulation were common, as was a more pliable plastic. The figures have a More >


Sgt. Airborne (2003)


I remember this figure being a real oddity and a little hard to find for a bit when it first was released. Of course, that’s relative considering that the 2000′S series seemed to be more readily available than the more modern assortments have been, and there weren’t too many other collectors¬†(at More >


Altitude (1990)


Rounding out the wonderful Sky Patrol sub-group is Altitude, the team’s recon scout. There are other GI Joes with a focus on recon, but Altitude must be the most unique. Possessing a photographic memory and excellent artistic abilities, he combines the two to create detailed drawings of his More >

A2024 G.I. Joe Eaglehawk Chopper b

GI Joe Retaliation Press Pics


I’m not really a news site, but these figures have me really excited, especially the Kre-O. Here are the Hasbro press shots. #gallery-1 { margin: auto; } #gallery-1 .gallery-item { float: left; margin-top: 10px; text-align: center; width: 33%; } #gallery-1 img More >


Roadblock (2002 Sound Attack)


I feel the urge from time to time to present figures that I feel just haven’t gotten their due. I like finding figures that have been overlooked among the hundreds of other GI Joes released throughout the years. There are I feel quite a few unheralded greats hiding among their more well known and More >


Grand Slam and HAL (1983)


No, it’s not the title of a TV show in which a former baseball slugger and the computer from “2001: A Space Odyssey” team up to solve crimes. But if I had my way, it would be.

The story of the relaunch of GI Joe goes that it was intended originally as a vehicle line. I think that’s apparent in the More >


The Enemy AKA Cobra Trooper (1983)


Well, here it is folks, the original Cobra trooper. It’s taken a while. I’ve covered the weird and the wild over the last year and a half, but somehow this guy hadn’t fallen under my gaze till now. Wait a minute, isn’t the code name Cobra? Not according to the file card. Although, the early file More >

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