Red Ninja Viper (2005)

Red Ninja Viper (2005)


What 80s or 90s kid doesn’t love a little ninja in their lives? There’s got to be some reason for the appeal of them, beyond the pop cultural soup from which their popularity sprang in the 1980s. Is it the mystery of their origins, or some interest in their abilities to blend in and silently move More >

Airtight (2008)

Airtight (2008 DTC)


So, three years, three Airtight figures. Do I sense a pattern? Yeah, it’s a bit lame, but I like to call back to that first JAD figure post. It was a simpler time… Someone asked once why I chose Airtight as my first subject, and my answer was that he kind of distilled for me what drew me into the More >


Joe A Day Yearbook: 3rd Anniversary Podcast


It’s a little late in coming, but the annual podcast is now live. It also finally has a title. My Yearbook however bears little resemblance to the Marvel Comics concept, as I neither recap what’s come before or tease to the future. I just don’t have the time, folks. I wonder why?

I’d like to thank More >

USS Flagg

GI Joe 1985 Product Catalog – Part 5


As the old commercial said: here it is–the USS Flagg. Arguably the grandest playset ever made, and at least the biggest, the Flagg was the toy I think every kid in 1985 pined for the most. How could you not, based on this picture? The USS Flagg is impressive, if only considering its place in toy More >

Kre-O Ghoststriker

Kre-O Ghoststriker

by KansasBrawler

If you had told me during the 25th Anniversary line that the most fun I’d be having with the G.I. Joe line five years later would be a Hasbro in-house version of Lego, I would have stared at you in complete dumbfoundedness. While I’ve always loved Legos, I’ve never really thought More >

Page 7

1985 GI Joe Product Catalog – Part 4


It’s time for the Special Missions and Contenders! The next page of the ’85 catalog showcases the meat and potatoes of GI Joe vehicles. From jets to helicopters boats to battle platforms, they’re all here. The vertical design of the section makes for a dynamic showcase. The new rides get the most More >

1985 Page 5

1985 GI Joe Product Catalog – Part 3


The small and medium vehicles (here dubbed the combat and battle series) get the spotlight in the next page of the 1985 catalog. Like the other sections, there’s a mix of old and new, and the Joes and Cobras are again cast about on the surface of a toy planet that mixes elements of Death Valley and More >

1985 Page 2

1985 GI Joe Product Catalog – Part 2


Continuing on with 1985′s GI Joe product catalog, it’s the bevy of battlefield stations, accessories, weapons and vehicles. Hasbro really had a hit with these small price point items. For me, the battle stations and accessories have been a reminder of the days of Marx toy soldiers and playsets. The More >

1985 Catalog Cover

1985 GI Joe Product Catalog – Part 1


Since we’re beginning the fourth year of the blog, I thought it appropriate to cover the fourth year catalog of the Real American Hero era. Some fans consider 1985 the high water mark of the time, with an articulation improvement in the form of the ball joined neck, and a major expansion not only More >

Three Years Ago…


This blog started. Hard to believe it’s still going. For the past two years I’ve done special anniversary posts. I do have some special things on the way, and they’ll be along soon. With life busier than ever, I thought it better to take a little break at the end of this year. So no special posts More >

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