Snake Eyes (2004)

Snake Eyes (2004)


Yes, it’s yet another Snake Eyes, the man whose overexposure in geek culture/toy circles seems rivaled only by the likes of pop culture juggernauts Wolverine and Boba Fett. To a certain extent, many fans still love the guy, despite the fact he’s been everywhere in the Joe mythos for years and More >

Night Force TRU Ad

GI Joe Special Night Force Exclusive


Oh man, I gotta run to Toys R Us 26 years ago and get some of these! And the prices are so reasonable! Now where did I put that flux capacitor…

Venomous Maxmius (2004)

Venomous Maximus (2004)


First off, spoiler alert if you haven’t seen the direct to DVD Valor vs. Venom special. Venomous Maximus is the DNA modified form of General Hawk. In the special, Dr. Mindbender combined the good General’s DNA with all sorts of animals. The result was a brutal, feral and ruthless leader who had More >

Ground Striker-Box-Front

BTR-Ticles: Ground Striker

by Twitziller

The Ground Striker was released as part of series 2 of the Built to Rule sets released in limited distribution in 2004. The primary mode is a 6-wheeled attack vehicle resembling an SUV.

A pair of swivel platform bricks are used to make the twin missile launchers pivot with the turn More >

Serpentor and the Mummy Warrior

Captivating Cover: Serpentor and the Mummy Warrior


Since I’m often pressed for time during this little blog adventure of mine, I’m starting up a new feature that I hope will allow me to contribute a wider variety of interesting content without taxing my time too much. Two birds with one stone! Focusing on GI Joe media, particularly comics, novels More >

CORPS! Contruction

Hot Wire (Lanard CORPS! Construction)


If there’s one thing that the GI Joe line has lacked, it’s civilians. What is a kid to do if he wants to populate his battle scenes with background characters? Where are the support personnel–you know, the police, bystanders and general onlookers?  Nowhere in the official Hasbro offerings. Luckily, More >


Kre-O FANG and Trubble Bubble

by KansasBrawler

Growing up, I always loved the small Joe and Cobra vehicles. As much as I loved opening my Thunderclap when I got it for Christmas and playing with it a lot in some pretty epic battles, vehicles like the Cobra Pogo and the Joe Locust saw a lot more play time just because they were More >

2004 Army 01

Blast From the Past: Cobra Army Circa 2004


I’m not usually one for big time a building, or collection pics for that matter, but I was digging through my older Joe photo files, and found a few shots from about ten years ago. Apparently, I got a wild hair one night and set up most of the army builder troops I had at that point. I have to More >

Dr. Link Talbot

Dr. Link Talbot (2004)


The first time I wrote about Link Talbot, the team’s first combat veterinarian, I couldn’t find his first figure version in my big ole box o’ Joes, so I grabbed the second. Wait, I hear you say–second figure? That’s right, Link Talbot has garnered two figures in the history of GI Joe. Hard to More >

BAT II v3.2 (2004)

Cobra BAT II v3.2 (2004)


Hasbro went absolutely BAT excrement crazy during the 2000s relaunch series. This one mold saw seven different releases in various colour schemes, and the later bike short wearing bot was available four times. Even the 1991 mold was brought back into service. I suppose the reason for getting so More >

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