• ssrr

    Rock N Roll (2012 Sideshow Exclusive)

    By YT I will always remember the excitement I had seeing the first pictures of Rock N Roll and Zartan at Sideshow’s SDCC display. I was new to collecting 1/6

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  • dt

    Dial-Tone (GI Joe Collectors’ Club)

    By KansasBrawler The Collectors’ Club’s first foray into modern-style construction came in the form of Dial-Tone, arguably one of the most popular characters that somehow managed to avoid getting updated

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  • ace

    Ace (1998)

    Sometimes toys are great, when a concept and execution come together to produce a toy that lives on beyond its original purpose. In the 80s and 90s GI Joe lines,

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  • tv

    Techno-Viper (2014 Kre-O)

    The Techno-Viper was for me the last gasp of Cobra Troops in my years of buying Joes as a kid. I liked the unique specialty, the colors and the accessories.

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  • cb

    The Power of Packaging: Crystal Ball

    Gaze into the hypno-shield… You will think Crystal Ball is the coolest GI Joe figure ever made… Repeat after me: Crystal Ball is a better toy than ’85 Snake Eyes…Crystal

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  • ra

    Cobra Rattler 4-WD (1998)

    What was going on with the Toys R Us 1997-1998 vehicle names? First the classic Cobra Rattler mold was given to the Joes and renamed the A-10 Thunderbolt, then the

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  • rc

    Recondo (2004)

    The saga of the interchangeable Recondo and Clutch (or Double Clutch, as he was known for a while) in the early 2000s can be a confusing thing. In 2003, the

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  • se

    Sideshow Snake Eyes V2 Exclusive (2013)

    By YT I am a huge fan of the Sideshow GI Joe line, I own every figure except one and I shouldn’t.  This figure is one from the, I should

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  • ccn

    Retaliation Cobra Combat Ninja

    By KansasBrawler I’ll freely admit, I was a bit disappointed by the Retaliation Wave 1 Cobra Trooper. The design was cool, but I preferred the more realistic look the Cobra

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  • jc

    That’s How I Found It: CORPS! STAR Force Lazer Force Justin Case

    Wow, that’s a mouthful! It’s a Lanard edition of THIFI today. I spotted this CORPS! STAR Force Lazer Force Justin Case at–well, watch and find out… Wanna see more of

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  • ff2p

    Firefly 2-Pack (2003)

    I was totally jazzed about getting the convention exclusive set back in 2003. I had attended the JoeCon in Kansas City in 2001, which still featured a 12 inch focus,

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  • gh

    Ghost HAWK (2009)

    The original Sky Hawk is by no means a bad toy, in fact it was my go-to small size Joe vehicle after I got it back in the 80s. I

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  • cttr

    Cutter (1992 DEF)

    My original Cutter figure did most of his on-duty toy time at the helm of the WHALE (naturally). Outside of that vehicle, he commanded the Tactical Battle Platform, which seemed

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  • oz

    Ozone (1993)

    When I came back to GI Joe collecting in the 90s, my collecting philosophy was very much one of picking and choosing. I was back into the brand, but wasn’t

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  • enemy

    The Enemy Prototypes

    Here’s another shot of early versions of some first series 80s figures, courtesy of the 1982 Hasbro catalog (thanks again, Flag Points Dave). This time, it’s The Enemy AKA Cobra

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  • igd

    Iron Grenadiers Destro

    By KansasBrawler I’ve professed my love of Destro a couple of times already on this site. His character is complex and he’s one of the few characters who has gotten

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  • htse

    Hot Toys Retaliation Snake Eyes

    By YT As I stated in my Hot Toys Storm Shadow review, when Hot Toys announced their Retaliation figure line, I was thrilled. For those who may not know, Hot

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  • BM1

    Bullet Man (1975)

    What do you do when you’re trying to breathe new life and interest into a product? Anything you can, of course. For Hasbro’s GI Joe brand over the years, that’s

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  • fy

    That’s How I Found It: Fact and Yearbook

    It’s another video feature with an item that I’ve found in the wild. This time we’ve got the Fact and Yearbook, which bears many similarities to the first Marvel comic

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  • ws

    Photo Feature

    By Jason Royalty Jason is back with another great photo feature of Joes in the wild. This one brings back memories of backyard adventures.

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