• Blowtorch (2003 BTR)

    Blowtorch (2003 Built to Rule)

    During the 2000s relaunch series, many collectors waited to see the 80s Joe team interpreted in the new style. I admit that while I liked to see the characters’ looks

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  • wp-1462078080115.jpeg

    Naked VAMP Mark II

    So I picked up this unstickered VAMP Mark II years ago, and just discovered it again. So the question is: should I buy some repro stickers for it, or leave

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  • tfll

    Peril in Paradise Tiger Force Lifeline

    By KansasBrawler I don’t quite know why, but as a kid I was somewhat fascinated with Tiger Force Lifeline. My guess is that it’s because my brother had the original

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  • Infantry Division (2005)

    Infantry Division (2005)

    I’ve covered an individual figure from this set before, but I thought it might be interesting to look at the package as a whole. When the Infantry Division set hit

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  • Operation Killer Comet

    Captivating Cover: Operation Killer Comet

    Remember when Halley’s Comet came around in the 80s, and folks thought it might signal the end of the world? Okay, most folks didn’t, but the event sure made for

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  • flv

    Flint (2010)

    Flint seems to always get mixed up in some sort of trouble when he goes on vacation. If he’s not finding brainwashed towns he’s running afoul of international terrorists across

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  • jv

    Jungle Viper (2005)

    Remember when the yearly club exclusive figure was something you didn’t really give two Flints about? Consider this final club year’s offerings of Mike Power and Pythona against the first

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  • Dominator

    Dominator Art

    I promise I’ll stop with the Iron Grenadiers soon. It just seems to be a fascination. Of course, so is package art. The toy doesn’t do much for me, but

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  • un

    Peril in Paradise Undertow

    By KansasBrawler When it became clear that the GIJCC was going back to Iron Grenadiers for this year’s con set, I figured Undertow was going to be on the GIJCC’s

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  • Stealth AGP (2005)

    Iron Grenadiers Stealth AGP (2005)

    The AGP is one of those vehicles about which I find myself saying, “Oh yeah, that exists.” I’m not trying to be rude, but the thing just doesn’t hold much

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  • Kenner VR Troopers Catalog Page

    VR Troopers Catalog Page

    In the 90s, I was back into collecting toys, and buying all the latest issues of Tomart’s and Lee’s to check out the latest releases. Both frequently published bits of

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  • im

    Iron Mech (2005)

    Mechs have been a part of the GI Joe universe since 1983, when the SNAKE armor debuted. Things got more active in the 90s, with offerings like the Armor Bot

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  • default-image

    Sky Havoc Box Art

    This stuff has got me seriously hooked. I love seeing the clean art versions of the package paintings. They made even the less interesting vehicles shine (ha!). This painting has

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  • DT

    Peril in Paradise Dial-Tone

    By KansasBrawler As I’ve talked about before, there are always one or two figures that turn out to be kind of lame in large figure sets. Honestly, this was a

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  • ams

    The Power of Packaging: Captain Zargon and Space Ranger

    I hate to sound like a broken record, but damn do I miss the artistry and beauty of vintage toy packaging. It’s a lost art, much like movie posters. Modern

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  • wp-1460601928454.jpeg

    Custom GI Joe Moray Hydrofoil

    When it comes to toys and packaging, sometimes what you see is not what you get. The 2005 GI Joe Moray Hydrofoil is a perfect example. The box art depicted

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  • default-image

    Firefly (2010 Resolute)

    Firefly has usually received some sort of attention in each post-80s iteration of GI Joe. The Resolute animation was no different, although the famous saboteur didn’t get much to do.

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  • default-image

    Captivating Cover: GI Joe Extreme Vol 2 #2

    Waitaminit–the GI Joe Extreme comic gave rise to two volumes? Yes, it did, though both were short. And to tell the truth, they weren’t all that bad, if you can

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  • Soldier Force (Chap Mei)

    Soldier Force (Chap Mei)

    As far as I can tell, this figure hails from one of the earliest Chap Mei military series, the original Soldier Force. Over the years, the various new releases have

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  • wp-1460215099525.jpeg

    Peril in Paradise Undertow Officer

    By KansasBrawler Call me crazy, but when Undertow Officer was first announced, I was kind of excited. Yeah, she was using some pretty dated parts, but the GIJCC didn’t actually

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