Lifeline (30th)

30th Anniversary Lifeline

by KansasBrawler

Lifeline has always been a bit of an odd duck. My brother had him and we used him a lot since you can’t have a Joe team without a medic, but that pacifist angle is a bit difficult to deal with. I’ve always followed it more along the lines of the filecard…which actually doesn’t More >


We Need a Medic! (Again)


When searching through my figures for new subjects, I often come across items that I’ve already covered. Sometimes I look at them and think they deserve more exposure, or I just feel the need to talk about them again. Such is the case with this figure.

The Medi-Viper is a character that will be More >

Barrel Roll  (2003)

Barrel Roll (2003)


Barrel Roll is one of the coolest figures of its time. What? Yes. How much cooler can you get in a GI Joe line when a new character not only starts an intriguing storyline, but also includes a disguisable vehicles?

To start off, Barrel Roll introduced a new specialty that’s interesting, a high More >

Operation: Night Flight

Captivating Cover – Operation: Night Flight


I used to love Night Flight, with its eclectic mix of music videos, old-timey short films and just plain oddness. It’s too bad such a thing doesn’t exist any longer, and probably won’t ever again. I long for the golden age of cable TV, a time before an endless mess of instantly available viewing More >

Razor Trooper (2004)

Razor Trooper (2004)


No, it’s not the code name for the Cobra barber. Instead it’s a trooper based upon another named Cobra agent. Razorclaw was an individual released during Valor vs. Venom, and as such, had been genetically modified by Dr. Mindbender.

Surprisingly, the man was given his own cadre of troops to lead, More >

Retaliation Joe Colton

Retaliation Joe Colton

by KansasBrawler

Yipee-kai-yay, Mr. Falcon! Sometimes, a toy run surprises you. I called an audible on a trip where I was actually flying solo for a change and swung in to Toys ‘R’ Us even though I wasn’t really looking for anything. Imagine my surprise when, after all their post-Christmas More >

Raptor Buckle

Belt Buckle Week – Day 6: Cobra Class of ’87


The Bad Guys got in on the action in a big way in 1987. These are some seriously bodacious buckles, people. I suppose the villains are expected to be more ostentatious, but this year seems to eclipse them all in terms of style.

I would expect a yahoo like Raptor to go all out with theme imagery, More >

Razor Trooper (2004)

Belt Buckle Week – Day 5: Razor Trooper (2004)


So if wearing one cool belt buckle is good, then wearing two must be even better. However, the Razor Trooper from 2004 apparently couldn’t make up his mind. He was available in two different (well, slightly) two packs: one with Neurotoxin and one with Sand Scorpion. If you bought one pack, you’d More >

Armadillo Belt Buckle

Belt Buckle Week – Day 4: Armadillo (1988)


One of the most undercooked GI Joe uniform designs gave rise to an impressive belt buckle. It’s the sort of thing you’d expect to see on a cowboy type, with a longhorn skull emblazoned across it. The fancy buckle actually works within the confines of the design of the figure’s lower extremities. Up More >

S6 Shipwreck Buckle

Belt Buckle Week – Day 3: Sigma 6 Shipwreck


I just couldn’t leave the brand’s most forgotten and oft-ridiculed segment out of this week-long celebration of all this buckle-ish. Shipwreck naturally lends himself to seafaring imagery, and it’s no surprise that an anchor would make several appearances upon his person. The decorative buckle, More >

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