• gidoll

    Breaking News: GI Joe is a Doll!

    This just in (from 1989), three federal judges determined that Hasbro had to continue to classify GI Joe as a doll, at least in the context of import tariffs. Well

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    Planet Comicon 2016

    We were fortunate to be able to cover Kansas City’s Planet Comicon for its fourth year in a larger venue. 2016 was even bigger than previous years, in terms of

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  • Breaker

    The Power of Packaging: Breaker

    Breaker is one of the more recognizable of the early 70s Joes. Thanks to his memorable card art, with its focus on his unique comm gear, he became an early

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  • Peril in Paradise Wreckage

    Peril in Paradise Wreckage

    By KansasBrawler I was in high school when I first started getting into the online Joe collecting community. I don’t recall how I originally found YoJoe.com anymore, but it became

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  • mtv

    In Your Local Paper: GI Joe Cartoon Debut

    Inspired by the amazing newspaper toy ads that Phillip over at battlegrip.com regularly unearths, I thought I would do a little digging to locate a TV listing circa my favorite

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  • wp-1463631290599.jpeg

    80s Toys + Sleeping Bags = Win

    Was 1985 the greatest year of the 80s for action figures? Consider the volume and variety of lines launched that year, and think of the strong showings by existing series

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  • wp-1463535384290.jpeg

    Jungle Viper (2005)

    The Jungle Viper from 2005 was released as part of the– “Hey Rob, you already covered a Jungle Viper a couple weeks ago.” Yes, I did. “So you’re running out

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  • wp-1463448229653.jpeg

    The Power of Packaging: Python Patrol Stun

    The Stun never really resonated with me, even as a kid. I just couldn’t get into its look, and was bummed that it seemed to become the de facto Cobra

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    Adventure Team 6 Wheeled ATV (2010)

    Oh, what could have been. When the collectors club announced its series of small-scale versions of the Adventure Team, I was excited about the possibilities. Sure, it would be great

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  • He-Man Ad.jpeg

    He-Man Disses the Toy Universe

    So you don’t think the toy business can get nasty? Check out this Mattel trade ad from 1982. While Star Wars seems to be the most obvious target of the

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  • wp-1463022960744.jpeg

    Nemesis Enforcer (2014 Kre-O)

    Nemesis Enforcer is a character whose figures haven’t seemed to quite capture the menace conveyed in his appearance in the animated GI Joe movie. The character was a hulking brute,

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  • wp-1462939570118.jpeg

    1977 Sears Wishbook: Super Joe

    Super Joe wasn’t long for the world as the follow-up to the Adventure Team. He did however make it into that most treasured of tomes for kids, the Sears Wishbook.

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  • wp-1462852693848.jpeg

    1997 Slugger Box Art

    Now here’s something interesting that I hadn’t noticed for years. The Toys R Us Exclusive release of the Slugger from 1997 uses the same image layout as the classic version,

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  • wp-1462737130613.jpeg

    Cobra Paratrooper (2008)

    The DVD battle packs gave us some very popular characters that didn’t make the single-carded releases. Guys like Dusty and Alpine were welcome additions to the modern line, and their

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  • G.I.Joe_BT_3D_gi joe in 3d issue 2_01

    Captivating Cover: GI Joe 3D #2

    We’ve already featured the first issue of the short-lived from 1987. This cover showcases the Defiant and the Joes with guns ablaze in a very evocative art style. It’s too

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  • tfr

    Peril in Paradise Tiger Force Recondo

    By KansasBrawler I’ve always had kind of a strange relationship with Recondo. I didn’t know about the character as a kid, but once I met him in the comics when

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  • wp-1462497411146.jpeg

    Jet Pack Trooper (2013 Kre-O)

    The Jet Pack Trooper was one of my favorite new Cobra troop types introduced in the 25th Anniversary line. This Kre-O version, introduced in the third wave of blind bag

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  • wp-1462413162207.jpeg

    The Power of Packaging: Tiger Force Topo

    Confession time. In the early 2000s, I bought a carded Tiger Force Tunnel Rat via eBay. I didn’t pay a whole lot for it, at least not in comparison to

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  • Blowtorch (2003 BTR)

    Blowtorch (2003 Built to Rule)

    During the 2000s relaunch series, many collectors waited to see the 80s Joe team interpreted in the new style. I admit that while I liked to see the characters’ looks

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  • wp-1462078080115.jpeg

    Naked VAMP Mark II

    So I picked up this unstickered VAMP Mark II years ago, and just discovered it again. So the question is: should I buy some repro stickers for it, or leave

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