BTR-Ticles: Sledgehammer

by Twitziller

The Built to Rule Sledgehammer, available as part of the second series of BTR sets in limited release in 2004, is a new design with a new name.

In its primary mode, the Sledgehammer is a low-slung one-person mini-tank with working treads, an armored body, and a dual missile launcher More >

Atomic Man (2014)

Atomic Man (2014 Kre-O)


In 2014, the year of GI Joe’s 50th anniversary, what sort of figures are being released to pay tribute to the brand’s 1960s origins? Well, none to speak of. In fact, the only homage toys celebrating the first generation of Joes, outside of a Collectors Club convention exclusive offering, are Kreons More >

Kamakura (2004)

Kamakura (2004)


Kamakura had quite a bit of exposure during the 2000s relaunch line. In just three years, he had three small figure releases, plus a 12 inch figure. His first version, the dreaded banana headed, Action Attack monstrosity, stands as one of the downright goofiest figures of the era. This one More >

Ultimate Cobra Commander

Field Report: Ultimate Cobra Commander

by KansasBrawler

Ultimate Cobra Commander is one of the reasons I was glad I just bought the entire Retaliation super wave online. I’m not sure what I would have thought of him the first time I saw him in person. He was a bubble figure. I wound up with a lot of versions of “classic” Cobra Commander More >

Lady Jaye (2014)

Lady Jaye (2014 Kre-O)


The Kre-O love train just keeps rolling on. In the midst of so much angst about the status of the GI Joe brand, these little guys (and now gals) are tiny bricky bits of happiness. The overt cheeriness of the Lego-esque Joe world is a welcome counterpoint to all the doom, gloom and outright More >

Cesspool (1991)

Cesspool (1991)


The Eco Warriors sub-set hasn’t generally been regarded as one of the Real American Hero line’s shining moments. Part of the ever increasing trend toward splintering the GI Joe concept into action feature filled offshoots and more socially conscious action toys, the set remained only for one year More >

Night Prowler-Box-Front

BTR-Ticles: Night Prowler

by Twitziller

The Built to Rule Night Prowler is the first of two micro sets offered in the second series of BTR in 2004. Like other second series sets, the figure is no longer visible through a clear window on the front of the box.

In its primary mode, the Night Prowler is an armed go-kart or More >


50 Years of GI Joe – Panel Audio


Yesterday, along with fellow Joe fans Brian of Codename: Iowa and Andrew AKA Twitziller, I presented a history of GI Joe panel at Planet Comicon in Kansas City. We also included our thoughts on where GI Joe may be going, as well as a rundown of fan sites and projects. We even had time for a bit of More >

The Finest - Flint and Buzzer

GI Joe Costuming – Planet Comicon 2014


Planet Comicon, Kansas City’s yearly comic book/pop culture convention is going on again in my hometown. I stopped in today to scope it out, and check out the GI Joe presence. Last year, I ran into members of The Finest, a GI Joe costuming club. This time, the group also had a table at the show. In More >

Desert Battle Snake Eyes II

Field Report: Desert Battle Snake Eyes II

by KansasBrawler

Every time a new wave comes around, there’s a dangerous temptation to name a new figure the best version of its character ever. During the Pursuit of Cobra line, Hasbro had this tendency to make an amazing version of a figure in one wave and then just a couple waves down the line More >

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