1985 Page 5

1985 GI Joe Product Catalog – Part 3


The small and medium vehicles (here dubbed the combat and battle series) get the spotlight in the next page of the 1985 catalog. Like the other sections, there’s a mix of old and new, and the Joes and Cobras are again cast about on the surface of a toy planet that mixes elements of Death Valley and More >

1985 Page 2

1985 GI Joe Product Catalog – Part 2


Continuing on with 1985′s GI Joe product catalog, it’s the bevy of battlefield stations, accessories, weapons and vehicles. Hasbro really had a hit with these small price point items. For me, the battle stations and accessories have been a reminder of the days of Marx toy soldiers and playsets. The More >

1985 Catalog Cover

1985 GI Joe Product Catalog – Part 1


Since we’re beginning the fourth year of the blog, I thought it appropriate to cover the fourth year catalog of the Real American Hero era. Some fans consider 1985 the high water mark of the time, with an articulation improvement in the form of the ball joined neck, and a major expansion not only More >

Three Years Ago…


This blog started. Hard to believe it’s still going. For the past two years I’ve done special anniversary posts. I do have some special things on the way, and they’ll be along soon. With life busier than ever, I thought it better to take a little break at the end of this year. So no special posts More >

Justin Case (STAR Force)

Justin Case (STAR Force)


Justin Case, owner of one of the goofiest code names in the Lanard CORPS! line (and that’s saying something) made another appearance as part of the STAR Force line of astronaut styled action figures. He looks quite dapper in white and silver, especially when photographed against a 70s Kenner-esque More >

Retaliation Interrogator

Retaliation Interrogator

by KansasBrawler

Retaliation gave us some very good designs for Joes and Cobras in my opinion. Despite being a movie tie-in line, the Hasbro design team managed to throw us some nice Easter eggs in the early waves, like Renegades Zartan, while still remaining true to the limited movie cast list. More >


Open ‘Til Midnight!


If I hurry, I can pick up a Ghoststriker–40 bucks?! Man, the Toys R Us markup is ridiculous even when you time travel! And hey, they didn’t even bother to put the missiles on it.

Extreme ADR!

Joe Moment of Zen: Extreme ADR!


Fresh from a 90s Bugle Boy advert, live action Lt. Stone has a few dubbed words (via the great Gary Chalk) with live action Quickstryke. It’s the dramatic return of your Joe Moment of Zen…

Cobra CLAWS (2002)

Cobra CLAWS (2002)


I’ve often wondered why Cobra didn’t have more traditional looking pilot figures over the years. While Wild Weasel was a classic character, and one of my early favorites in the line, he didn’t look much like a real world pilot. Later figures such as the Strato-Viper were interesting designs, but More >


BTR-Ticles: Cobra H.I.S.S.

by Twitziller

The H.I.S.S. was part of Built to Rule series 2, released in a limited test market in 2004.

The primary mode of the H.I.S.S. is a 6-wheeled, high-speed tank with an elevated cockpit and a rear turret. In other words: a HISS tank. The H.I.S.S. is arguably the only popular vehicle More >

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