• di

    Doctor Isotope: A Haiku

    In honor of National Poetry Day, I thought it fitting to drop a haiku. And as a bonus, this one glows in the dark! Luminescent foe. Held under light to

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  • wga

    Wayne “Golden” Alexander (Bronze Bombers)

    I’m a big fan of the also-rans that cropped up following GI Joe’s 1980s success. Looking back at the imitators illustrates the impact the Real American Hero line had at

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  • dt

    Dial Tone (2000)

    The 2000 releases brought GI Joe back to mainstream retail, beyond its two year stint as Toys R Us exclusives. At first, I wasn’t too enthused about the series, but

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  • ff

    Firefly (2008)

    Here’s a Firefly of a different color. Hailing from a Toys R Us multi-pack that also included a set of modern “greenshirt” GI Joes, Firefly got into the variant game

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  • ora

    Captivating Cover – Operation: Robot Assassin

    It’s been a while since I’ve featured a cover. If you remember, with these entries I make sure not to check out what the inside of the book is about,

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    By KansasBrawler For my money, the story of the Stall siblings was probably my favorite part of the Joe Vs. Cobra era of figures. It only played out in its

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  • sb

    Snakebite (2015 CORPS! Elite)

    This year’s new batch of CORPS! figures from Lanard have incorporated not only an improved articulation model, but also the brand’s first female characters. We’ve previously covered the villain Puma,

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  • sgt-sav

    1995 Toy Fair Catalog – Sgt. Savage Vehicles

    Though I was disappointed about the Real American Hero line ending in 1994, I was excited by some of the vehicles coming in the new Sgt. Savage line. The P-40

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  • ssres

    Video Review: Resolute Storm Shadow

    Check out Stormy in all his rubber-vested glory.

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  • po

    The Power of Packaging: Psyche-Out

    Yesterday’s post got me thinking again about 1987, and what a unique year it was for GI Joe figures. Some say that the Cobra strangeness represents a slide, but I

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  • ob

    Outback Tumbler (1986)

    After a long, hard week it’s time to kick back and throw back a drink with Outback. This plastic tumbler came to me courtesy of Joe bud Page. I hadn’t

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  • helix

    Agent Helix

    By KansasBrawler I’ve mentioned before that I think the Joe line needs to inject new characters into the mythos every now and then or the brand will stagnate. That’s what

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  • skys

    GI Joe Skystriker (2015)

    So we’re up to what, four versions of the retooled Skystriker since its release a few years ago? I’m certainly not complaining, as I love the vehicle, even though it’s

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  • sl

    Sightline (2015)

    We’re down to the final figure of the 2015 releases. Well, the last one I have in hand, as I can’t find a Gung Ho pack. To be honest, I’m

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  • ace

    Ace (2015)

    Pilot figures can be a little boring. More than any other “driver” figure, they are less useful out of their vehicle. My original Ace didn’t get to do much outside

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  • 2015hiss

    HISS Tank (2015)

    Does the world need another HISS Tank, and another red one at that? It’s an odd shade of red for Cobra, much like its matching drivers. The effect is akin

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  • hd

    HISS Driver and HISS Gunner (2015)

    Yes, it’s a two-fer tonight. Why? Because I just couldn’t bring myself to cover two incredibly similar figures separately. Some of the decision rests with my feelings on the quality

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  • sd

    JoeCon Starduster

    By KansasBrawler As a Joe fan, I’ve always loved jetpacks. I was a bit too young for the original JUMP, but I remember being very excited when I found the

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  • nt

    Backyard Battles: Ninja Takeover!

    By Jason Royalty Here at JAD, we love ninjas. We also love photos of Joes in the wild. It brings back memories of when we played with ours as kids.

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  • silent

    The Power of Packaging: Silent Strike (2015)

    It’s time for the last of our coverage of the 2015 50th Anniversary GI Joe product, and to start things off, we’re looking at the packaging for the Toys R

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