Flamethrower Specialist (2008)

Cobra Trooper – Flamethrower Specialist (2008)


Here’s another of the Cobra extreme environment troopers, this time a flamethrower. Well, I think that’s what he’s supposed to be. He actually incorporates elements from a firefighter as well as a flamethrower. The body was donated by Barbecue, the Joe team’s resident fire putter-outer. The weapon More >

Tiger Paw (1988)

Tiger Paw (1988)


The Ferret is for my money one of the coolest and  most iconic low price Joe vehicles of the 80s. Heck, I think it’s also one of the overall most memorable toys of the era. What better embodies a ride for action figures of the decade than a four wheeler? Add on machine guns and missiles and you’ve More >

Buzzer (2005)

Dreadnok Buzzer (2005)


Buzzer was the first Dreadnok figure I picked up in 1985, and he was an instant favorite. I probably didn’t “get” much of the biker gang references within the ‘Noks’ look at the time, but I thought back then that they reminded me of the bad guys from the Road Warrior movie. Funny how my first More >

Tiger Force Flint (25th Anniversary)

Tiger Force Flint (25th Anniversary)

by KansasBrawler

To this day, Flint has always been my favorite Joe character. I loved his portrayal in the cartoon as someone who was kind of cocky, but he clearly had the skills to back it up as soldier and as a leader. However, growing up, I was a little too young to have had the original Flint More >

50th Sets

Nice to See This…


I don’t normally post pics of current finds and the like, but I couldn’t resist after today’s visit to a certain toy store. Having a decent amount of new GI Joe product sitting on shelves outside of a movie year is certainly nice to see. I didn’t expect this much volume of the 50th anniversary Toys More >

Arctic Sormtrooper (1995)

Arctic Stormtrooper (1995)


I mentioned in a recent post that I have a thing for environment specific figures. Specifically, enemy army builders. I suppose you can blame 1985′s Cobra Snow Serpents and Eels for this proclivity. Well, my preference for arctic figures extended not only to GI Joe, but other lines as well. More >

Sea to Shining Sea

Captivating Cover: Sea to Shining Sea


I’ve found several of these GI Joe vs. Cobra books of late, and I find myself fascinated by the fact that in the early 2000s, the brand was deemed viable enough by Hasbro to procure licensing deals to produce ancillary bits of cross promotion.

Some of the books lack the boldness of the 80s More >

Headquarters Attack-Box-Front

BTR-Ticles: Headquarters Attack

by Twitziller

The Headquarters Attack saw a limited release as part of the second series of Built to Rule in 2004. In addition to being the largest G.I. Joe Built to Rule set, it was also the only BTR set to include two figures and the only set to include a piece with a battery-powered More >

Ryu (1993)

Ryu (1993)


I’m not too proud to admit it–I was into the Street Fighter II Joes. Of course, I also went whole hog into every other wild and wooly experiment Hasbro was pushing during the waning years of the Real American Hero era. As someone who has continued to appreciate the toy aspects of these…toys, the More >

Cobra Officer (2008)

Cobra Officer (2008)


Environmental specific figures have been favorites of mine since the 80s. I enjoyed playing with the arctic, desert and aquatic characters and imagining them in their unique locations. Living in the midwest, I had snow in the winter, and summer sandboxes stood in for the desert. Outside of the More >

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