Overkill (2005)

This is the third mold of the BAT leader namesake that began first as a robot in the 90s and then later became a cyborg. This time, he’s a cyborg again. Can you tell?

I found the design to be a bit chilling for a child’s toy, considering the exposed face and truly robotic looking body. Maybe I’m just sensitive in that way, but ever since the first time I saw the original Robocop, I’ve felt a bit weird about robots with human flesh faces. Creepy.

Overkill features articulation that’s measurably different from most other figures of the time. Instead of the normal o-ring construction, he has swiveling ball joints at the hips. The figure also has the injection molded shoulders that were a major improvement near the end of the Valor vs Venom series. They allowed for a much smaller shoulder joint, and in this case, the proportions are very accurate.

The figure disassembles at the arms, head and waist, an interesting feature. Unformtunately, this version has no replaceable arm weapon attachments. A later version of the mold would rectify this oversight, giving him a sizeable arm missile. Even without added firepower, he’s an intimidating figure, and one of the best of the era, in my opinion.


  • My fiancee and I both think this looks unnervingly like Patrick Stewart as RoboCop.

  • “Dead or alive; you’re coming with me. Make it so”

  • I could see this dude easily mowing down Joes unlike back when he was a S.A.W. Viper… the man who KILLED the G.I. Joe team.

  • I absolutely love this design for Overkill. It may be chilling, but I think that’s what makes it so effective. The other cyborg version still looked human. This is clearly Overkill after he’s been through more battles and lost a lot more of his body. I think that’s why I liked this version the most. There was almost no physical humanity left in him and that translated to how he fought and made him a really dangerous enemy.

  • @Clutch
    Seriously; Overkill is the most evil character from the original comic run

  • I saw him recently and passed him up. Damn it.

  • I’m getting a combination of Robocop with Axel Pressbutton!

  • I don’t know much about the character, but the thrash metal band ,Overkill are metal legends, arguably the FIRST thrash metal band that started in 1980 and a prolific discography and are still going strong today..http://www.metal-archives.com/bands/Overkill/168.

  • He was a killer of a lot of G.I.JOE main members, a former S.A.W. Viper, a real evil guy. Now he is a scary action figure! I hope to see a modern era version of him.

  • Removable parts is a fun idea. But on this figure and the MK 5 BATS, it makes their waist and shoulder joints loose.

  • Original Overkill was a third generation B.A.T. that was simply too costly. At the time.

    Then comes Over Kill, over 50% mechanical.

    Being what he is, this figure really fits with Modern back to ’82 figures.

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