Outback (2009)

I remember when images of the Assault on Cobra Island 7 pack and the FLAK and CLAW pack hit the internet. I had been wondering when Outback, one of my favorite RAH figures, would get his due in the modern style. I thought it could be incredible figure, given the new style’s ability to portray larger body types. I envisioned an Outback that would have a larger build, like the 25th Bazooka, and with all of his familiar web gear being given a more effective treatment, with the new line’s focus on removable straps, packs and the like.

I really wanted a modern Outback sculpt that would equal the coolness of the original. I suppose it was too much to hope for, as the multi-pack in which this version was included was made up of mostly reused tooling. The head sculpt is great, even though I can’t help thinking of Chuck Norris when I see it. On a couple positive notes; the H & K machine gun and the iconic flashlight made the transition.

The original Outback was a favorite of mine both for his unique look and his amazing gear. The huge pack and web belt of the ’87 version added a great extra element to an already excellent figure. That’s one of the greatest aspects of the the old Outback; that he was just as displayable without his gear. He didn’t look strange without it. That’s not the case with the modern version. The figure looks good with the vest on, but when it’s off, the look is just off a bit. He’s got one of those giraffe necks, and he isn’t nearly as “cut” as his vintage counterpart.


  • Yeah, the giraffe neck and the lack of white T bother me on thi one. Then again, I’m an O-ring guy so it’s expected I like the 1987 version better 🙂

  • The original Outback is easily among my Top 5 Joes ever. I’m not sure if the sculptors were going for a Chuck Norris look even back then since Chuck had his own cartoon and toy line around the time, but I never noticed any resemblance. Outback was just awesome on his own.

    He really could have benefited from a larger torso such as Bazooka’s for this update, though. I got this figure as part of the 7 pack but I was lucky enough to get the classic white shirt in the FLAK/CLAW pack as well. They’re both good figures, but far from perfect as is sadly the norm with most 25th Anniversary stuff.

  • It only just dawned on me that he looks like Chuck Noris. I wish they would do a varient of him [ only wearing shorts] ala that Special Mission issue of the comics

  • the head sculpt here is awesome, it perfectly lives up to the 1987 figure’s distinctive manly hippie bearded noggin.

    the rest of the figure was completely underwhelming, a real disappointment.

  • I sold my 7 pack two weeks ago. Oh well. I’ve sold off 90% of my 25th collection, and honestly, I don’t miss them. You know of course, that I think the original Outback is way better!

  • I believe this is meant to be the Night Force version of Outback, while the one that came in the FLAK/CLAW pack is the original. If you swap the vests between them, and give the tan pack to the FLAK/CLAW pack version while giving the 7-pack one an extra of the ’09 5-pack Snake-Eyes’s backpack (of which it’s the same mold), then things might be a bit better.

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