Night Creeper Leader (1994)

Cobra’s Night Creeper forces have been around since 1990. Say what you will about ninjas, this force of technological ninjas is an original concept–at least they’re not Arashikage. Design-wise, the group presents a unique look for being based upon the ninja archetype. Merging armor, stealth gear and powered weapons seems like a natural evolution for the famed assassins.

Any military force has to have some sort of command structure, and this is where the Night Creeper Leader comes in. Okay, I’ll admit right up front, the name is not the best. It’s simple, obvious and just sounds clunky. Hearing it uttered numerous times during the course of the DIC cartoon made for some truly wince-worthy moments.

Speaking of wincing, check out the color scheme. The original Night Creepers weren’t outfitted in what could be considered stealthy colors. Their leader took it a step further with his 1993 version, an incredible safety orange and black-striped number. In ’94 he decided to go all out with a purple and yellow combo.

Mold-wise, I have to confess that I’ve never understood a lot of things going on here;  most confusingly the headband/blindfold. There’s no reference that he has any kind of special sight or operates blindfolded. Maybe there’s some kind of high-technology built into it that remains unexplained–okay, I’m just grasping at straws here, people.

While his troopers wore chest armor, Night Creeper Leader gallivants about wearing nothing but a weapon-festooned chest harness and arm bracers. I’d like to think that the blindfold along with the exposed upper body is a psychological ploy to lull his adversaries into a false sense of security. The gaudy outfit is just icing on the cake.


  • This guy had the misfortune of getting caught in the neon era crossfire. The blindfold was an original touch, but as you noted, it doesn’t serve any real purpose. Strange that he also doesn’t look anything like his cartoon equivalent, especially since that guy got a lot of airplay early on. Easy fix too, as Hasbro only had to sculpt a new head for the ’90 Night Creeper body to be fairly accurate.

  • The blind fold is probably a material that you can see through fine. It’s not that uncommon. Magicians also employ fake blind folds.

    Or he’s really Matt Murdock. The Night Creepers are business and lawyer types, too.

  • The head sculpt always left me confused. If it is a trick blindfold enabling his opponents to underestimate him, then that is awesome. I’ve never heard it explained either way.
    The body sculpt itself isn’t bad, but the color schemes are pretty terrible.

  • I thought the character was supposed to so skilled that he can fight you blind folded. Or maybe he was trying to strengthen his other senses…

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