Mutt & Junkyard (2013 Kre-O)

Mutt and Junkyard were one of my absolute favorite figures in the embarrassment of cool action figure riches that was 1984. Though Firefly and Storm Shadow stood out on the Cobra side, Mutt, Blowtorch and Recondo were hits with me. Mutt got the most use, since his look and purpose suited most any mission. The animal companion was just the icing on a great set of accessories.

The same applies here with the Kre-O version of the famous pair. The building block format lends itself well to these highly accessorized characters, and even though Mutt’s mask isn’t an exact match for his old muzzle, it’s a decent approximation given the limitations of the parts available. Junkyard also doesn’t quite match up with his old self, looking more like a bulldog than a black lab. But hey, these Kreon Joes are just too cool to complain about. They function as Kryptonite for the curmudgeonly collector in me. I hope we see more of them during this (so far) quiet 50th anniversary year.


  • Yeah, Junk here looks more like Spike from those old Tom & Jerry cartoons.

    Still, it’s kinda sad that the Kreon Joes get more points for vintage style accuracy than most of the actual modern line over the last year.

  • Pretty sure Junkyard was always supposed to be a rottweiler in the original line.

    I don’t think I’ve ever really seen any of these G.I. Joe Kre-O figures, but they do look pretty cool for Lego-style toys.

  • Mutt & Junkyard were my first find of Wave 2 and I fell in love with them. I realize Junkyard changed dog breeds, but there’s something really cool about this small-scale bulldog and it works as Junk. I’m not a super big fan of his gas mask because it covers up the great job they did on his face, but it does work pretty well as a stand in. His accessories are great and mini-Mutt was (for me) a highlight of the Wave 2 Kreons.

  • Thats a pretty good likeness for such a small figure

  • I only collect the 3.75″ (and grudgingly the 4″) figures but I can still appreciate what a great rendition this is of a classic figure.

  • more kreons! hoping for zartan, pilots/drivers, more buzzer, torch…

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