Muton (1982 Action Force)

“An Evil genius threatens the world. His name is Baron Ironblood and his twisted criminal brain dreams of only one thing…world domination. Using powerful and sophisticated weaponry, Ironblood’s ruthless followers would gladly die for their master. Baron Ironblood has vowed to destroy Action Force”

Action Force, a British 3 3/4″ military line similar to GI Joe, went a little nuts in the 80’s. What was a line featuring mostly realistic military forces became batshit insane when the evil Baron Ironblood and his Red Shadows forces showed up on the scene. His forces included faceless Nazi-esqe troops, mutants and robots. Muton here is the unstoppable robotic  juggernaut of the Red Shadows. He could easily wade through enemy fire and generally anything else in his way. Impressive.

I was saying something about insanity. That’s what’s evident in the design here. The figure is based on a deep-sea diver mold, the kind of old-timey style that you’d most likely find in a fishtank. The craziness is in the accoutrements. He’s equipped with a head mounted weapon and radar dish, and translucent red visor complete with crosshairs.  I expect him to break into shouting “Exterminate!” at any moment. Absolute plastic craziness. Gotta love it.

Check out the awesome site for tons of info about Action Force.


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