Who would’ve thought that the words memorable character and DIC GI Joe could co-exist in a sentence? They can to me, thanks to this guy. The series was crawling with lukewarm characters, due to some pretty pedestrian writing and voice acting. There were exceptions of course, and Metal-Head was one of them. Now, I have to explain that memorable doesn’t always mean cool. Metal-Head in the cartoon is a doofus, and can quickly get on one’s nerves. He has more life in his portrayal than many others in the series, thanks to spirited (if at times grating) voice acting by Gary Chalk.

I think that mostly due to this fact, he is one of my favorite post-86 named Cobras. Even though he’s kind of a nutjob, in my Cobra heirarchy he’s got pride of place along with mainstays like Zartan and Major Bludd. He’s a goofball of the highest order in look and attitude, but loveable despite it.

Metal Head is literally a walking missile arsenal. With launchers on his legs and back, he’s even more heavily armed than Scrap Iron. He’s got some fairly thunderous thighs, but they must serve him well when a leg mounted launcher fires off. This isn’t one of the more realistic figures in the line, considering that he’d probably end up cartwheeling all over the battlefield when his missiles fire. Then again, you have to credit Destro and MARS for thinking outside the box and developing a human missile platform.

Speaking of Destro, I often forget about Metal-Head’s affiliation with the Iron Grenadiers. I suppose it’s due to the cartoon portrayal and his all-around prominence in the series.

As a figure, I’m more impressed by his accessories than the mold itself. The figure looks better without the helmet on, and is another whose card art look surpasses the toy. While I like the figure and its connection to the DIC cartoon, I find myself using the 1994 version and its convention set repaint more often in displays.

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