Mercer (2006)

In 2006, Sgt. Slaughter’s Renegades returned as part of a convention exclusive set that also included the Sarge himself. The mold use was a good reuse of some maligned 90’s figures, the Mega Marines. The story for the con set had the Rednegades outfitted in special armor, so instead of each member’s unique look, the team shared a common body, with new head molds. Torso, waist and leg molds came from Mega Marines Clutch. It’s nice to see an obscure reuse in a more muted color scheme (not that there’s anything wrong with neon orange).

The club however did manage to throw in some callbacks to the originals, as each had a tattoo on its arm harking back to an element of the old figure. Mercer gets an anti-Cobra. Another subtle way of throwing back to the vintage was the choice of colors on the pants under the armor, and less noticeably, the color of the collars. These little touches were a nice way to differentiate the guys from one another and provide some interest to what could have been a boring set.


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