Major Bludd (2013 Kre-O)

I’ve gone Kra-Z for Kre-O! Okay, sorry for the lame joke, but I’m really excited by these little guys. More so for the mini-figs than for most of the actual building sets. However, some of the vehicles are pretty nicely done, even though most aren’t based totally on existing GI Joe equipment. The figures, however, continue to be great little morsels of fun that distill all of the coolness in the vintage 80s and 90s GI Joe toys.

Sure, it’s not Lego, with all of the prestige and reputation it carries. Honestly, would anyone have expected Hasbro to farm out its homegrown properties to another toy company? With all the other building systems on the market these days, the Kre-O format now doesn’t seem as much of a “me-too” move as it once did. It also seems fitting that Hasbro would take en existing figure format, add articulation to it, and apply it to GI Joe. After all, they did the same thing with Mego’s o-ring construction style in 1982, and we all know how that turned out.

It’s been hard to pick out a clear favorite of the most recent set of blind bag Kreons, since there’s so much to like. Major Bludd, however is a standout in terms of his history as well as how effectively his look translates to the building block world. At a glance, Joe fans know exactly who this is. But it doesn’t stop there, as many of his details have been adapted as well, including the dog tags, insignia, and even arm rivets. His signature weapon is decently represented, albeit in a simplified form. I have to hand it to the designers again, as even though a number of parts have been re-purposed from other Kre-O sets, the spirit of GI Joe comes through.


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