What do you get when you cross the Wolverine and the Mauler? A pretty mean looking little tank, that’s what. As a one man mini tank, the Lynx comes out looking less humorously small than the Armadillo. Actually, since the GI Joe vehicles have always been scaled down, this one doesn’t look all that small.

The entire trio of Marauders vehicles are great retools of existing parts. Even the aforementioned Armadillo was improved with the addition of missile launchers. The Lynx isn’t as extensively different looking from its base vehicle as the Equalizer, but as a whole isn’t instantly recognizable as either Wolverine or Mauler. I think the camo does a lot to help achieve this. The patterning is simple but very striking and good looking. Thankfully, it’s not the same type and color of broad stripes that the figures received, and there’s not a hint of bright blue. I don’t so much mind the blue on the figures, but it could have ruined a perfect paint job on this vehicle.

The Marauder vehicles saw a bit of action in the DIC Operation Dragonfire, manned by the redesigned Marauders themselves. I have my DIC customs manning my set. If you think there aren’t any post ’86 vehicles worth your time, you might change your mind after checking out the Marauders’ rides.

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