Lt. Stone (2006 Sigma 6)

From the ridiculous to the sublime. After yesterday’s post covering one of the goofier Lanard CORPS! figures, I thought I’d return to Sigma 6, one of my favorite of the GI Joe offshoots.

A lot has been said about the angst and hate that came about when the Sigma 6 concept was introduced. I recall at the time being intrigued by the look of the 8 inch figures, and decided to give one a try. I bought the first Snake Eyes in the line, and was not only impressed with the playability of the figure, but the quality as well. From the design, articulation, to the paint and even down to the packaging, it was a fantastically executed line in my eyes. Sure, it wasn’t the GI Joe I was used to, and some characters were changed up a bit, but the spirit was still there. Heck, the line even paid respect to the original Joes with a footlocker type storage concept and an eventual Adventure Team subset.

There are a lot of figures in the Sigma 6 line that I really enjoy, but Lt. Stone remains my favorite. He seems to encompass the kind of mystique that I remember when seeing new figures back in ’84-85. I can’t put it exactly into words, but I’m reminded of the kind of feeling I get from an original Firefly, Storm Shadow, Shipwreck or Flint. He brings equal parts of the adventure, spy and sci-fi genres to the toyline, yet it all comes together without looking ridiculous. No other toy property does this sort of thing as well as GI Joe, and that’s a real credit to the people who design, build and market the line.

Playability and accessories were a big part of the Sigma 6 line, and Lt. Stone includes a great set, with his dual silenced pistols, unique chest holster and requisite huge rifle. His most impressive accessories however are the attachments that disguise him as either a Cobra trooper or Zartan. The trooper is the more effective disguise, as the Zartan guise is simply a face mask. Usually this sort of plug-in disguise for an action figure leaves a lot to be desired <ahem Spy Troops> but I think the larger scale and the Sigma 6 aesthetic help it succeed. At the end of the day, the Cobra uniform also gave us the basic trooper that was missing from the line. I only wish I had picked up an extra or two for permanent display as Cobras.

Color and design work well together to create a figure that’s not only functional and playable but also looks good just sitting on a shelf. Though the body mold used is the thinner type and is quite narrow at the waist, it’s not too noticeable with the belt and holsters on the figure. One of my favorite toy design choices comes into play with the robotic left arm cast in translucent green. This is one of my all-time favorite GI Joes, regardless of scale. He’s had a primo display spot ever since I picked him up back in ’06.

From buying that first Sigma 6 Snake Eyes, I was hooked into the style, and eventually picked up the entire run. I was sorry to see it go so quickly. However, there is hope for fans of the Sigma 6 style. Check out this Kickstarter, called The Hero Project, that’s along the same stylistic and play feature lines. Though it’s not Joe, it looks like a great concept with some beautiful and fun figures in the works, pending financial support. I highly recommend giving it a look-see.


  • Another great figure from an unlucky line!

  • Kansas Brawler

    While I never got fully behind Sigma 6 (largely because it was a little expensive for my tastes), even I have to admit, some of their product was absolutely incredible. And Lt. Stone is a perfect example of that. His design is solid and his disguise accessories are perfectly executed. Even as one who never really got into this line, I have to admire quality when I see.

  • For some reason, this line reminds me a bit of Tonka’s Spiral Zone from the late 80’s.

  • If only they made an official 3-3/4″ version…

  • Acer:

    If only they made an official 3-3/4″ version…

    I agree, I never got Sigma 6 as a figure range but they had some great concepts and this one is the best of the bunch – mostly for that military/spy/sci-fi aesthetic.

    I’m just finishing my unofficial custom version which will have to do until an official one comes along.

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  • Is that Megatron he’s holding?

    He looks like good value for money. I noticed a line of ’12 action figures the news agencies in my town are carrying have translucent green arms. Coincidance?

  • Any plans to cover the smaller scale Sigma 6 stuff? I like how some of those vehicles were retooled for 4″ figures. I saw one page where someone had shown how to convert that Avatar-type flyer for 4″. Made me want to track one down. It’s not an easy find.

  • I’m not familiar with this character, but I think this figure has potential. Maybe it would be better had this figure been done in the classic Real American Hero scale.

  • This really is an awesome figure. I vote for RAH incorporation as well. Stone has been in Extreme, Sigma Six, and Pursuit of Cobra. If Hasbro managed to cross over Matt Trakker from the Kenner M.A.S.K. line, they can do Stone for RAH. And while they’re at it, let’s get them to do Savage as well. Maybe the club can swing it like they did with Iron Klaw but I would prefer a retail release so more folks have a shot at getting him.

  • That Cobra trooper disguise works perfectly as a Scrap-Iron disguise.

  • A great toy here. Sigma Six was not my cup of tea, mostly it didn’t fit with what I had as an old collector fan (scale issue).
    This is one of three Sigma Six figures I did have, and when this character started up on the Sigma Six cartoon, my interest in that show grew.

    So much potential from this that, I’d almost like to say, there could have been some cool things had the 2007 anniversary not re-formatted the retail pegs, again.

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