Lockdown (2007 Sigma 6)

If there’s one Sigma 6 figure who almost outshines Lt. Stone as my favorite, it’s Lockdown. Coming near the end of the grand experiment that was S6, he stands out for me as an ideal example of the line’s wonderfully toyetic appeal.

First off, he scores points with me for being a brand new character. While I like to see the old standby Joes get their moment in each successive toyline, I’m equally interested in getting new blood into the mythos. Sure, this guy could have easily been named Shockwave, but along with Inferno, including another more civilian than military figure as a new personality makes sense.

The later Sigma 6 designs branched out from the initial basic “Sigma suit” that each figure wore. Lockdown is outfitted in an appropriately padded and looser fitting uniform that gives him a more functional, down to Earth look. A SWAT trooper would have looked pretty ridiculous in a skintight spy suit.

Accessories were an important element of Sigma 6, and although this figure isn’t as loaded as others, it still stands out with an impressive set of action oriented gear. The sub machine gun is a good choice considering Lockdown’s specialty of street and close quarters fighting, as are the riot shield and helmet. He also carries a spring-loaded battering ram and a set of power cuffs (possibly for nabbing Crime Boss Destro).

Say what you will about the stylized look of the Sigma 6 line, but when this guy is accesorized with his shield and helmet, he’s got a look about him that’s impressively exciting. A great GI Joe figure, regardless of scale.


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