Lift-Ticket (2013)

Just a bit of a teaser tonight of what’s to come tomorrow. I broke out the newly arrived Eaglehawk today and threw it together to take a few pics. While doing so, I was quite impressed with its pilot and thought he deserved his own spotlight.

Lift-Ticket is, as I said, included with the highly anticipated Eaglehawk helicopter. I’m glad that Hasbro went in the direction of a redesign of the character rather than focus on another purely vintage style homage, especially since that ground was already covered with the 25th anniversary’s Ghost Hawk pilot.

The body used has been seen previously this year as Sgt, Airborne from the Tactical Ninja three pack, and began its life as the soon-to-be released Data Viper. The mold works nicely as a flight suit, and the vest adds to the effect. Again, a lot of these modern figures’ base molds are non-descript enough to stand in as the uniforms of several different characters. While that is a strength, and no doubt a cost savings for Hasbro, I have concerns that many of the Joes these days are just looking a bit too plain. The limited paint apps probably don’t help matters much, either. It’s not that I don’t like the figure, but I am a sucker for a little more color.

Lift-Ticket’s helmet is pretty incredible, further distancing the design from the bulbous helmet of old. Also included with the Eaglehawk are two headsets, and though they’re meant to be worn by other crew members in the copter, they’re so nicely detailed, and a great bonus that’s worth spotlighting.


  • I wonder how the 25th version’s helmet fits on this head? Or for more color coordination, the one for Tomahawk?

  • Cool figure, though I wish his colors matched the original’s a bit more. Great helmet!!

  • The helmet reminds me more of ’89 Long Range or ’90 Major Storm. It’s very cool.

    Like most of the stuff coming from Hasbro nowadays, the figure is too plain and generic looking for me. I was planning on switching it for the 25th Anniversary Lift-Ticket anyway, so it will likely go into storage or be traded off.

    Can’t wait for the Eagle/Tomahawk review itself! Never thought we’d see this beaut again in a million years. šŸ™‚

  • I was so happy to get my Eaglehawk late last week (apparently I live super close to one of BigBadToyStore’s shipping hubs…who knew). It definitely does not disappoint. I like the new version of Lift Ticket, though I did dig my 25th Lift Ticket out from storage so he can be behind the first stick. I’m toying with talking to a friend to repaint this one with a little more brown and calling him Updraft–the vest on this one reminds me a bit of Updraft’s torso. I am also glad to see he got a little better attention from the accessory fairy that some Joe vehicle drivers (like the 25th Lift Ticket).

  • Toys seem to be really expensive to paint these days. Look at those hideous Batman toys from the latest Batman movie. I’ve seen knockoffs with better paint jobs. And look at all those DOTM figures that came out with next to no paint at all; Sideswipe was just grey plastic.

    On the subject of Airborne. On the star wars mmorpg [or whatever the acronym is] There is a cutscene on Alderan of a soldier who looks like Airborne v1

  • I really hope to secure an “Eaglehawk”, just so I can compare it to my minty fresh vintage one. The figure quite honestly is sub-par.I don’t think many people would buy this Lift-Ticket carded.
    Looking forward to your review of the helicopter itself.

  • Lift-Ticket’s torso looks great, I love the detail in the sleeves. His legs, however, look too thin. Either that or his belt’s too tight, making him the Joe’s first muffin-top casualty. I also don’t understand the ankle-weights/shin guards; which I assume would make running difficult. Something, I guess as a pilot he might not have to do much.

  • 1986 Lift-Ticket was always goofy, the 25th update was far goofier in every way. This is finally a version of him that I can take seriously. I;m glad it has no ties to or characteristics of the original.

  • This guy is too bland for me.

  • He could use a few more paint apps. And I for one miss that 1986 goofy sideways half smile.

  • He could use a few more paint apps. And I for one miss that 1986 goofy sideways half smile.

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