Lifeline (2014 Kre-O)

The 1986 Lifeline was one of the first figures I covered on this blog lo those many years ago (okay, six). He was always an interesting character with a cool design, and as much as I loved the team’s predecessor medic, Doc, Lifeline was a supplement that saw more field action once he was in my collection.

I was glad to see some of the class of ’86 make their way into the Kre-O line. With an assortment of unique equipment and troop types, including the likes of Dial-Tone and the Vipers. The Kre-O versions thankfully incorporated new parts to their builds. Lifeline gets a simple backpack build, and though it doesn’t exactly resemble the old figure’s accessory, the idea is interesting. His case is also represented, along with a handheld radio.

One comment

  • I just noticed from your photos that Lifeline has a white helmet painted red – guess it’s easier than painting white. I like this figure. Unexpected that they used such a grim face on him since the ’86 figure is smirking and the comic characterizes him as pretty easy going. Confession: I made a terrible custom of Lifeline before he was released, so I was pretty happy to see him show up.

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