LCV and Devilfish in ’87 Hasbro Dealer Catalog

Dealer catalogs can be a trove of fascinating images. This page from 1987 showcases the LCV and Devilfish, each in detailed diorama fashion. When placed in such an interesting environment and lit dramatically, even the goofy LCV is lent an air of greater realism. The Devilfish of course needs no such help.

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  • ”Vintage G.I.Joe vehicles that brings back the simple pleasures of fun times for the Upcoming Holiday Season,when we all can be fun -loving kids again , for Christmas.”

  • I’m pretty sure the bigger LCV picture was later reused on an offer advert that ran in Marvel Comics. Also includes the HISS, Bazooka, Major Bludd and The Fridge

    • The top pic with Bazooka driving the LCV must’ve been used on a ton of ads. Whenever I hear someone mention the Recon Sled, that picture is automatically what pops into my head every time.

  • The Devil Fish was my very first Joe vehicle. I like that they use Shipwreck and Wet-Suit in the picture.

  • Two mysteries of these vehicles. How did that seated position of the Recon Sled function, since the operator cannot reach the controls seated (foot controls?), and just how did any riders hang on to the Devilfish (Magnets?)?

    Recon Sled must’ve been a dud. I moved to the east coast in 1990 and still found them in department stores. Stores that had sold out of everything else GIJOE would still LVC’s on the shelf. That and Hasbro had them as mail-aways for years, and like they had overstock or something, not like they cranked out a new run like the APC or Sky Hawks. That was a different time, though, Kiddie City stores would have pegs of Star Trek TNG figures from Galoob released in 1987, just hanging there (None of the rare ones, of course), GI JOE action packs and even older stuff like Secret Wars Tower of Doom.

  • Did Shipwreck steal Duke’s binoculars?

  • Would love have this catalog, not just for prototype photos of Joe vehicles like the Shuttle complex but also Visionaries and Transformers.

  • Every time I see the Devilfish I think of that classic Mike Zeck comic cover with Hawk, Wet Suit and Beachhead. That was the issue where Storm Shadow fought Eels and great white sharks only to be shot by Baroness as he stumbles onto the beach of Cobra Island. What an issue!!

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