Lamprey (2009)

Sometimes I can be a little harsh when it comes to the 25th anniversary figures. It’s just that some of the figures ended up a little less than stellar, thanks to parts reuse and the like. I tend to be more of a fan of the o-ring style, but I still pick up the modern figures as well. However as a toy collector in general, and a Joe fan specifically, I can’t be a curmudgeon when a toy comes out looking as cool as this one.

The original Lamprey is a very nice figure, but I’ve always thought it lacked a little something in terms of its look. Maybe that’s due to the figure being a driver, but for me, its usefulness didn’t go beyond piloting that vehicle. The wetsuit look of the silver uniform didn’t help either. It looked more like an astronaut to me. When the Sonic Fighters version came along, the Lamprey specialty was expanded (naturally) to amphibious assault trooper. That was more like it. However, the look didn’t change, other than being decked out in a new color scheme. The Lamprey may have gotten a new job, but he still looked a little less than amphibious.

This new version combines some terrific new parts along with a fresh take on the uniform underneath to create a modern figure who looks like he can battle on land as well as in the depths of the ocean. As such, the design is not totally dependent on its previous version. Even though much of this figure began life as Snow Job, the bulky sculpt works for me. Combined with the dive helmet (with removable visor–cool!) and chunky air tank, I see it as sort of a throwback to the deep sea divers of old. That may not have been the intention, but I like the end result anyway. And I was glad to see that Hasbro chose not to re-hash the 25th anniversary Torpedo body again.


  • I think that this Lamprey was probably my favorite figure out of the Defense of Cobra Island set. It managed to nicely update the original while still being true to its origins. However, I kind of wish we could have gotten the removable helmet version from RoC instead of this just because that removable visor (while a good idea) doesn’t fit perfectly. It stays in nice enough but any photos I’ve seen, including the ones I’ve taken, show a noticeable spot on the left side of the visor where it just doesn’t seem to fit in right. As I recall, even in the box, it was a little off kilter. I really liked the new rifle he got and that vest is way cooler than the life vest the original had.

  • His rifle reminds me of the Sten gun that the British commandos used in WW2

    I loved using the R.O.C repaint of this guy as custom fodder because he came with that nifty translucent red helmet

  • I bet it’s finally dawned on collectors as to where the torso originated from–it’s that of the Resolute Comic Pack Storm Shadow. It got used for Alpine, this figure, the Aqua-Viper officer, and the POC Spirit and the Muskrat from this year’s convention.

  • All of the figures in both Cobra Island sets were welcome additions in my book. The updated Lamprey is cool because of his clear visor, a very neat added detail which I never gave much thought to back in ’85.

    Now, if Hasbro re-released the Hydrofoil once again and included this guy along, it would be gravy. Gotta give credit to Hasbro for having turned out so many sweet figures for these two boxed sets.

  • @ Acer.Didn’t the club end up using this helmet for their IG Annhilator set? The helmet should not be so translucent. I think that’s what makes this Lamprey (and the Annhilators) an epic fail.

  • I never got this set, but Lamprey was one of the more appealing figures to me.

    To me, Lamprey’s are a potential awesome “Marine” component to the large Cobra army (navy) that Hasbro just hasn’t explored.

    We’ve got Eels (navy frogmen-dedicated) and Lampreys which I always thought made great counterparts to Vipers as the amphibious assault Vipers…. just needed to get them a cool beach-assaulting camo.

    Aside from simply “driving” the Moray, I totally had my small squad of Lamprey’s assaulting ships like pirates.

    (Sea Slugs would have made for some great surface navy deckhands and pilots, too.)

  • by far my favorite of that 7-pack as well. And since I love the Lampreys as a trooper class anyway, this new 21st century version update of them qualifies as simply amazing IMO.

  • I like this figure but would have preferred a solid visor. Especially on the annihilator version.

  • Good enough figure, but that jaggered-up helmet just isn’t working. The ROC version was a great improvement, I wish we could get that one in these colors. Or, really, just an update of the original helmet–I think the first Lamprey is still the best.
    I like the vest and the legs and boots, though, solid sculpting there. Great lower legs and boots, can’t say it enough…

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