Kwinn (2013)

Well Hasbro, it took ya long enough. And it took me long enough to get to this figure, a couple years after its release. Sorry about that. Kwinn was a figure high on my want list as a kid, ever since I picked up a coloring book that was based on Marvel issue #2. I’ve spoken about it before, but for some reason that story fascinated me. Some of its allure was based on the Joe team’s arctic gear. Over the years, we’ve gotten some of them in these environment specific outfits, even an o-ring Kwinn in his parka. That figure was a nice bone thrown at comic fans, but we all wanted the character in his memorable jungle gear. After fits and starts, he showed up near the tail end of the Retaliation line.

Kwinn (2013)

If I could change one thing about the figure, it would be the head sculpt. Kwinn had a very distinctive visage in the comic, and it’s not quite portrayed on the figure. Overall, Kwinn’s build is more slight than his comic depiction. Granted, this figure is by no means small, but the coming Kwinn was a hulking presence. I suppose that the figure’s build accounts for the head sculpt as well, since he’d look a little funny with this body and large head.

Kwinn is kitted out for some serious ranged and melee combat as well as outdoorsman activities. The only thing missing for this survivalist is PoC Snow Job’s mess kit. Maybe it’s stashed in his enormous backpack. Kidding aside, the accessories add a lot of value to the figure, and really bring out the character’s personality and background. You gotta love the fact that Hasbro has now produced three different weasel skull necklaces. Amazing.


  • I was disappointed that this modern era Kwinn (the….ESKIMO) WASN’T also in his arctic parka & gear’ like the comic pack ARAH one.

    Horseshoes & hand grenades Hasbro…horseshoes & hand grenades.

    • Remember that he only appeared in his arctic gear in one appearance. In every other issue (maybe 8 or 9 or so?) he was in this warm weather gear.

  • IIRC, Kwinn was 6’10 according to his dossier in comic #2. So, he was huge. This headsculpt is pretty bad. He looks more like a sad, old man than the badass Eskimo he actually was.

    Without his weasel skull necklace, though, I would never peg this figure as Kwinn. Sure, the necklace is a big part of his character. But, sans that accessory, this looks like someone kitbashed a Bespin Luke Skywalker into a custom of their grandpa.

  • I agree with the above commenters .The face sculpt is completely off. Since Kwinn only appeared in the comics, there is no excuse to get his face wrong. The “buck” for ME Joes is tall and slender, and is the wrong body type. Kwinn is shorter and wider-not fat just not built like a marathon runner. Hasbro would have to sculpt a whole new body type for him.It’s ironic that the two Hama characters Hasbro has made so far are really lacking, Maybe it’s time I finish my custom o-ring Venom and Kwinn figures sitting in limbo on my customizing table!

  • I want to say someone pegged this head as (another) homage to Larry Hama. He doesn’t quite look like Kwinn, but he does look like a guy who has seen plenty of action as a mercenary. Really, I was blown away that Hasbro made this figure and it wasn’t in a comic pack or anything. Budo was a little more out in left field, but Kwinn didn’t jive with the 30th “modern army” aesthetic at all. But the figure isn’t bad and we got some new parts. And as a mostly O-ring collector, I’m jealous because I’ve never really liked the 2004 figure with his Shakespearean collar.

  • The mighty Kwinn

  • Got this one at Five Below for 4$! The comic book Quinn (w/ Scarlett and SE) got my collection going as an adult. I still had the Joes from when I was a kid and one day when my first kid was about 4 (9-10 yrs ago) I saw the comic 3-pack with issue #2 and had to have it because like The author, I was fascinated with that story. The kid loved them and got me into aquiring Joes like a fiend ever since… 🙂

  • Kwinn is actually the last Joe figure I ever bought. After waiting so long for this figure, I just had to grab it. Aside from the size, I think it works pretty well. It’s at least (to me) not as obvious that he is pieced together from other figures as some of the other figures put out.

  • Face looks like a cross between 90s pathfinder and Charles Bronson. In fact, he just looks like Charles Bronson.

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