Joe A Day Activity Time: Connect the Dots!

Today’s visit to the world of activity and coloring books is inspired by KansasBrawler’s recent run of the latest convention exclusive Eco Warriors themed figures. It’s a connect the dots activity that reveals one of the Real American Hero line’s final playsets. And boy, it was a doozy. Not in terms of size or complexity, but sheer fun power. Get out those crayons and get busy. Just be sure they’re washable if you also plan on doodling on your walls–from one who knows.


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4 Responses

  1. Skymate says:

    Its very clearly the eco warrior playset/base thingy. Sorry to spoil anyone elses fun.

  2. cyko9 says:

    Why does it seem they went overboard on dots on the left, then kinda gave up on the right?

  3. Little Boa says:

    Done. I had to fill in some details…

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