Iron Klaw (1995)

Last year, during the recording of my annual podcast, reader Clutch threw down a challenge to me. While he’s been impressed with my ability to pique his interest in some figures he hadn’t previously considered likeable, he wondered if I could convince him that GI Joe Extreme as a toy line could be worthwhile. It’s taken a while to get here, but I’m willing to give it a good old college try, starting with Iron Klaw.

Iron Klaw, as a character, has been by far the most well-liked personality to come out of the reviled experiment that was GI Joe Extreme. While he was an over the top villain, both in characterization and design, something about him seems to have struck a chord with fans. Well, maybe that’s too strong a statement; people don’t seem to hate him.

Could his toy possibly be cool? He already has a wonderfully villainous look to him, and probably the most iconic design of all the figures to appear in the two post-RAH reboots. Somebody out there in the Joe fandom likes him, as he’s already been a part of the Collector Club’s Figure Subscription Service. As far as the old line goes, this is the closest we got to the character in a neutral pose wearing his usual outfit. The only thing missing is a cape. Sure, he’s bulky, and over-the-top in terms of his build and sculpt, but he’s also a lot of fun to pick up and play with. Why? The answer lies with his big-ass gun.

Iron Klaw does have an oddly positioned left hand, but this comes into play as part of his action feature, which is fairly inventive. Both hands hold his massive missile launcher, but the best part of the feature lies in the way it is fired. As you turn the waist, a button on the launcher,  which faces the figure’s belt, is tripped and fires the missile. As a neat little side feature (whether intentional or not) the head remains stationary when the waist is turned, making it appear as if he’s looking in the direction he’s shooting.

Have I fulfilled Clutch’s wishes, and convinced someone to dive into Extreme, starting with Iron Klaw? Maybe not, but I had some fun breaking this guy out of his plastic prison and playing with him a bit. I’m not ashamed to say that. These are toys, after all.

Is GI Joe Extreme actually a fun toy line, and worth looking into? In a way, it is, but I think there are a few more layers that need to be peeled back to reveal some interesting elements in a series that’s not on many Joe fans’ radar. What could they be? Stay tuned.


  • I imagine there will be some attempt made by the Club to use Extreme as a possible convention exclusive toy theme, maybe next year.

    I’m surprised that Hasbro hasn’t talked Shout Factory into doing a complete series DVD set for Extreme, with the Sgt. Savage and the Screaming Eagles pilot included as an extra.

  • I just don’t think I can get into 5 POA Joes…. except for Kreo.

  • Nice job, Rob. I might just pick up Iron Klaw on his own if the price is right.

    Extreme lasted a bit longer than Savage, so there is always a chance that the Club might do a revival or homage project should some 90’s nostalgia kick in for the Generation Y crowd. They did it this year with Eco-Warriors, so Extreme might still prove to be an interesting possibility.

  • Dreadnok: Spirit

    This dude looks like a pirate to me and it definitely looks like a toy from 1995.

  • @Rob
    Your doing requests?

    I never saw any Joe merchandise after the last wave of star brigade stuff down here. Following all the stuff being thrown into the 99 cents bins in ’95. I had to wait until September 2003 for Spytroops [bit of a gap]

    Extream was never released down here. And i’m guessing it was due to the appauling sales of the brand after Febuary ’94. Once Power rangers started airing here [In Febuary’94], all the kids wanted to play with was Sentai crap.

    You’ll have to forgive me if i sound a bit skeptical but i havnt seen a kid play with a gi joe action figure in more than twenty years [but i am on the other side of the world so i dont know what its like in your neck of the woods] So doing a line of obscure figures, targeted at a very small portion may be a bit risky.

  • Looks like a mid-90’s Toy Biz figure

  • I never had any Extreme figs but I might try to get my hands on this one. He looks bad-ass! Reminds me of a Chap-Mei figure a bit that seemed to be a mix of Iron Klaw & Cobra Commander.

  • Bleah!
    Great review b.t.w.!

  • Does he really have only one eye socket on his skull shoulder pauldron painted? That’s cheap.
    There are a couple or three interesting Extreme characters. I’ve done a modern custom or two.

  • @Carson,
    To further shame the Extreme line, Kreos actually have 8 points of articulation.

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