Heli-Viper (1992)

As much as the Interogator was an incredible figure attached to a throwaway vehicle, the Heli-Viper tips the scales back. You wouldn’t think that Hasbro would spend a lot of effort including a great newly designed figure with a vehicle that was all gimmick. I’m sure the designers figured the kid that bought it would zip the thing into a tree within five minutes. Or in the case of an eighteen year old geek, into the ceiling.

The Heli-Viper is one of those figures I easily forget about. Strange I know, considering my tastes. But even when I bought the set new back in the day, he held no interest for me. This is where I usually gush about how the 90’s had its share of figures that were great, and that one shouldn’t be too hung up on militaristic colors, but after all these years, I still can’t bring myself to find much to like about this figure. The color choices I think came down to a question of either “What do we have handy?” or “What will look the most Ninja Turtlish?”

If it succeeds in something, it’s solely due to the awesome source mold of the body. The Night Viper is a wonderfully detailed figure, abd loaned its torso and legs. The Night Viper’s rifle that attaches to the leg is one of my favorite elements of any vintage small Joe figure. Techno Viper arms fit in well enough, with their sculpted hoses. The head is where it falls apart, mold wise. As much as I love the Snow Serpent, the head doesn’t work as anything else, especially when it’s not sitting atop a set of fur covered shoulders.


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