Hat Trick LeMonde (CORPS!)

Sacre bleu! Tank tread boots! Zeut alors! Up until a short time ago, I actually thought his name was Hat Trick Lemonade. Can you believe that? I think that name is much more fitting than LeMonde. It certainly matches the figure in terms of sheer wackiness.

Part of the funky Corps! sports series figures, he was released alongside other classic Lanard goofballs like Lightning Mobutu. This guy’s background was as a hockey pro, hence the Hat Trick moniker.

Unlike most all other o-ring Corps! figures of the 80’s and 90’s, the sports figures weren’t re-released umpteen times over the years. This doesn’t translate to much more value than others, but they do seem to be a bit harder to track down, although they do often show up in lots. The accessories seem to be harder to find than the figures themselves. Now you know. Yo…whatever.


  • I’ve heard of people being barrel-chested–but crate-chested? That’s new.

  • Great choice for a Friday night. I also thought that he was called Hat Trick Lemonade. I have no idea what the guys at Lanard were smoking when they came up with the sports series characters but I want some!

    This figure might have looked okay as an armored trooper in different colors, say more like Captain Power’s Soldiers of the Future. The only real drawback is that his tank tread boots aren’t removable.

  • I used to have this guy. I never noticed it before but with the tank treds on his feet and red chest he could be attempting to cosplay as Warpath from Transformers

  • …terrific figure…


  • Wow, that guy takes The Corps wackiness to a whole new level. Love those tread boots! I remember picking up a few Corps figures back in the day when Joe stuff became scarce, and the ones I picked up were the weirder ones (I know for a fact I had a couple vac metallized guys from Star Corps with big, clunky light-up accessories). I kinda miss the super-wacko stuff from Corps. It made them unique on the pegs instead of a generic Joe knockoff.

  • I know a guy who made a custom of Hat Trick Lemonde in modern GIJoe construction style

    I know a guy who calls himself Rob and runs a Joe blog who told aforementioned customizer that this dude’s name is Lem-onde NOT Lemonade.

  • Lemonde is interesting but my fav Corps! sports figure is Steve Wyoming. He’s equal parts Captain America, American Gladiator contestant, and sci-fiction hero. It’s a strange but winning combination.

  • Hah, I’ve been calling him Lemonade for years! I think that improves his position in the best code name ranking from last place to joint last with Ice Cream Soldier.

    Be seeing you.

  • Thanks for teaching me this guy’s real name. I, too, have been calling him “Lemonade” for years!! Also news to me that his in-line skates use tank treads. This fig is even weirder than I originally thought. A feat that’s hard to do.

  • This figure is awesome! If I ever seen it I would’ve snatched him up in an instant! Is Steve Wyoming the one who looks like it says “39” on his helmet visor?

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