Grunt (2015)

Poor Robert Graves. He started his career in 1982 as the “face” of GI Joe on many of the re-branded toy’s products, but since the modern era began, he’s been relegated to the realm exclusive toys. From the 25th anniversary to today, he’s been left out of the wide release single carded figure assortments. I guess Hasbro thinks he’s just not an interesting or viable character. That’s a shame. It’s sort of amazing to think that we’ve not seen a really well made modern era version of Grunt in some form of his 1982 uniform. Yes, I know there was a 25th anniversary figure released as part of a Toys R Us Senior Ranking Officers set, but although it looks somewhat like its o-ring counterpart, that thing’s pretty much a monstrosity.

Grunt (2015)

Like his pack-mate Steeler, Grunt is outfitted in a fairly generic looking green uniform. He’s got the same sort of color blocking as his partner, which along with the overall bright green color, gives the set a very cohesive look. He even matches the paint job on his modified HISS tank, the Chimera. I can see myself keeping this set on display for a while, since its so unique and fun.

For accessories, Grunt’s been given some gear that relates to his past, like the night vision equipped helmet, a throwback to his new sculpt days, and a rifle that’s somewhat reminiscent of his classic mike one six. The web gear that he wears more closely resembles something you might expect to see on Steeler. There’s a chest holster that reminds me of the Joe tanker’s original 1982 figure. I actually goofed a bit on my pictures here, as the holster is supposed to be positioned to the side of his chest rather than on the front. Oops. Hey, you do this thing every day for four years and you’re bound to make a few mistakes.

Grunt (2015)


  • The green is very “Action Force”, which isn’t a bad thing. I still can’t get past a Joe themed Hiss Tank. That’s just not right.

  • That’s a pretty good head; where’d it appear first? The webgear throws off the look for Grunt; something more generic would fit him better. Exposed like this, the tight torso shirt contrasts with the baggy sleeves. Maybe swap Steeler’s & Grunt’s webgear?

    @Letal, I repurposed mine as a jungle Cobra HISS.

  • He looks okay to me. But i guess i’m biased as shops in my country havnt carried Joe products since R.O.C

  • Red hair?! meh…i hate those freaking two piece boots!

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