Grunt (2003)

Grunt seems to have gotten short shrift since the days of the new sculpt lines. From 2003 to 2004, he had four figures released. Since the 25th anniversary line, he’s had one fairly half-arsed figure as part of a Toys R Us three pack, and one fairly decent just-off-screen movie based attempt. Why didn’t we get him in the Pursuit of Cobra or 30th lines? A shameful exclusion.

Granted, the 2003 to 2004 figures were all repaints of the same mold, but at least the parts weren’t  rehashed to create the team’s preeminent infantryman. The look doesn’t recall his vintage uniform at all, instead opting for a stripped down combat look. I actually don’t mind this style for him, as it gives Grunt a bit more personality, like he’s finally been able to personalize his uniform a bit. He looks tough as nails, although quite a bit younger in the face than his original portrayal.

Speaking of modifying a uniform, this version hails from the Spy Troops line, whose gimmick was snap-on armor that would disguise figures to blend in with enemy forces. Some of the disguises were more successful than others. Some were downright humorous. Grunt’s isn’t too bad, aside from the exposed arms when posing as a Cobra CLAWS trooper. Maybe he could convince Cobra security that all of his shirts are still in the dryer back at the Terrordrome laundromat.


  • This particular version was also released as the driver for the Battle Blitz, and he came with the helmet that would also be used for the Sand Vipers.

    Believe it or not, I found a Battle Blitz (out of three of them) around 2006 or so at a Rite Aid (after they stopped carrying a pegwarming 2001 Gung-Ho and Leatherneck and Zartan/Shadow Viper pack).

  • That mask reminded me of Matt Trakker’s LavaShot mask from MASK.

  • Grunt rules. Simple as that. He’s the “everyman” version of the elite highly train special ops soldier. I’m a BIG fan of Sgt Graves. This figure of him had some proportion issues but I dig the overall design of it.

  • Grunt’s C.L.A.W.S. costume is more ludicrous when you don’t have him wear Switch Gears’ “Overkill” costume chestplate, though.

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