GI Joe Extreme Comic Ad

The Real American Hero series had the distinction of being the first comic book advertised on television. It was also Hasbro’s creative way of marketing its relaunched toyline without having to stick to the regulations of the day regarding animation and toys. Have we mentioned here how effective the 80s Joe marketing was? Why else would we still be talking about it?

In 1996, the GI Joe Exteme series, produced by Dark Horse Comics, carried on the tradition of Joe comic ads on TV. Unlike the 80s commercials, the animation in this spot comes from the animated series. I actually enjoyed both the Extreme comic and ‘toon when I re-visited them not too long ago. As for the toys, well–that’s a story for another day.


  • I always liked that many of the Hasbro toy commercials after the first series ended still featured animation similar to Sunbow. Where else would we have gotten to see cartoon versions of Tiger Force and the Iron Grenadiers?

  • To anyone else out there who hasnt seen the Extreme cartoon: Avoid it!

  • Had both Extreme and Sgt. Savage used vintage Joe construction and size, they would be of more interest to collectors today. As for more popular during their own time, that’s tough to say. But, it’s hard to see these figures in different construction style doing worse. Both Savage and Extreme were heavily dropped to the discount stores of the day. I recall entire end caps full of nothing of Savage and Extreme at local Big Lots stores. They rarely got vintage ARAH Joes. But, when they did, they sold out very quickly.

    Sure, that’s anecdotal. But, if the stuff was going to go to clearance anyways, they should have at least kept it compatible with the prior 12 years of toys they made.

    • From what i’ve heard, Hasbro let the design team at Kenner take control as the Kenner boys thought they could make Extreme work by copying what was popular at the time [namely, Rob Liefelds comics]. The end result was so disasterous, Hasbro went back to the o ring design and most of the extreme stuff which was awaiting release [Mayday, Rampage, Wreckage and some vehicles] never made it to retail as a result.

  • SpiritoftheBeachhead

    I just picked up the Extreme comic book which you used in the thumbnail for $1 at local comic store…makes a great backdrop for figure display with the white cover and torn US flag. (Also found 2 ARAH battle manual comics from ’86 which list all the file card and image of Joes for $1 each, in great condition)

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