As pilot of the Armor Bot, one of the last large GI Joe vehicles produced in the original Real American Hero line, Hawk bookends the line as a driver figure. Sure, his ride isn’t as iconic as the MMS, but it is an imposing and fun toy.

I suppose Hawk’s presence in Star Brigade isn’t too farfetched, as he donned a flight suit and jetpack earlier in the decade. The gold here brings to mind that ’91 uniform, which is a favorite of mine outside of his 1986 look. Underneath his helmet, he’s even wearing the same headgear. To really stretch the Hawk/Star Brigade analogy, the jetpack Hawk mold was used in the sub-team as a space-suited Roadblock. According to a file card callout, Hawk’s Armor-Tech armor is gold plated. Wow, talk about wasteful government spending. Maybe this is the real reason for the team’s disbanding in ’94.

There’s a lot of parts sharing here with other Armor Tech GI Joes, and in a bit of irony, Hawk shares a torso with Duke. Hawk doesn’t have a cannon arm like some other Armor-Tech GI Joes, which is a good thing since those cannons seem weirdly short, like a human arm wouldn’t even fit inside.

Finally, and possibly most importantly, only a leader of General Hawk’s caliber could tote a hot pink laser cannon.

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