General Abernathy (2005 Comic Pack)

Also known as General Hawk, this version of the modern Joe team’s commanding officer was released as part of the Direct to Consumer comic packs. This series of packs tried to more closely represent the characters as they appeared on the comic page. As such, General Hawk has his comic look of a blond crew cut, rather than the longer brown hair portrayed in the cartoon and the 1986 figure.
The mold itself shares parts with both the 1986 and 1992 versions of the character. Using 90’s legs and arms gives the figure a bulkiness that was lacking in the 1986 version. As is common with the later comic packs, the colors are lighter than what was seen earlier in the line. In particular, his bomber jacket is a much lighter shade than the dark brown of the first General Hawk.
Though the newly sculpted parts are few, they really help to breathe new life into the figure. The stoic looking head sculpt very effectively portrays the Joe leader, and the crew cut is just perfect. Hawk was often in combat with his helmet on in the comic, and this resculpted helmet more closely resembles the comic style, complete with goggles and the single star in the center. If I have one complaint about the figure, it’s with the lack of paint apps. It would have been nice to have the arm knife and helmet star picked out with a bit of paint.

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