Footloose (2012)

I have to hand it to the collectors club for their membership figures over the last three years. After a great final o-ring figure in Big Lob, and the much requested modern style Dial Tone (even though I found it lacking due to parts choices), they’ve created a very nice new representation of the Joe team’s far out infantryman.

Though we’ve seen some of the parts before, the figure on the whole comes together quite well. I especially dig the epic Selleck ‘stache. He comes with a bevy of accessories, including a rocket launcher that he can convincingly hold thanks to his ball jointed wrists.

It’s one of those modern figures that effectively updates a classic to the modern articulation style. A lot of collectors wanted to see this guy back in the 25th anniversary days, and that’s what we got. Not too many frills, just does exactly what it says on the tin.


  • I have a feeling I know the part selection:
    -Head=Joecon 2011 Claymore
    -Torso and upper arms=ROC Sgt. Stone
    -Lower arms and hands=the yet-to-be-released Kwinn
    -Legs=TBD at this time

    -Helmet=Joecon 2011 Claymore
    -Rifle, flashlight, backpack, knife=POC jungle Duke
    -Rocket launcher and rocket=25th Anniversary Bazooka
    -Webgear=25th Anniversary Lt. Falcon

  • Can’t wait to get this guy in the mail! I’m very glad to see another member of Team ’85 receiving a modern homage. I liked to team him up with Dusty back in the vintage era and want to pair them up again. The ’85 version missile launcher had no handle (unlike Bazooka’s) and all he could do was carry it on his shoulder, so the weapons and gear here are a huge improvement. The Selleck resemblance makes sense since Thomas Magnum was pretty laid back most of the time.

  • I’m anxiously waiting for mine in the mail. Looks great!

  • By the time I learned of the Collector’s Club move to another site, it was too late to order. Hoping the Club learned from last year and made some extras.

  • Selling this one back when he first came out was a really stupid move on my part. Now I want him and prices are through the roof!

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