Flame (1986 American Defense)

First, an apology is in order. This figure wasn’t properly cleaned before its time before the camera. I like to think the buried in sand look adds character. I’ll admit that I’m a lazy blogger sometimes. Okay, most of the time.  

Back in 1986, I picked up quite a few of the American Defense two-packs. I genuinely enjoyed them, as many were uniquely different from my official Joes. 

Flame used much of the same mold that made up the line’s pilot figures. I think the outfit does a nice job as a bulkier fireproof uniform. According to the package, he’s a laser trooper and a flamethrower. Wow, talk about the best of both worlds–he’s like Flash and Blowtorch combined!

One of these days I’m going to throw down the cash to pick up my favorite childhood American Defense figure,an especially goofy looking character with a box shaoed helmet and rubbery tunic.

Flame (1986 American Defense) Flame (1986 American Defense)


  • I had a gold version that suffers from gold plastic syndrome…particularly his arms. It did not come with the rubber visor.

    Found it odd that his pack was on his chest.

  • I have some of these figures.They were great to use as mercenaries and Cobra allies

  • You’ve gotta appreciate the Remco figures for being creative – they weren’t straight GIJoe clones. But every face looks similar, and those unusual hands seem to break often. Their weapons are the worst. But I think I like their torso construction better than the CORPS, so I take notice of Remco molds to see if any new parts could be used in a Joe custom without looking too “knock-off”. This guy has some Cobra potential.

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